In the Midst of the Wars Against Russia and Palestine, Don’t Forget Washington’s War Against Julian Assange and Donald Trump

In the Midst of the Wars Against Russia and Palestine, Don’t Forget Washington’s War Against Julian Assange and Donald Trump

Paul Craig Roberts

One war is not over and another bloody one has started.  War is the history of the 21st century, and Washington is behind them all–Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, South Ossetia, Yeman, Ukraine, Palestine.  All the while Washington proceeds with its murders of Julian Assange and Donald Trump.

Assange has been imprisoned for a decade in one form or another.  He has spent recent years in solitary confinement, despite never being tried or convicted. The British who gave the world habeas corpus have denied the protection of law to Assange.  An utterly corrupt media has falsely presented Assange as a traitor to America, a ridiculous charge as he is not an American citizen.  How can a non-citizen be a traitor to a country?

Habeas corpus prevents a ruler from holding a person in prison without due process of law.  But Assange has been held indefinitely without presentation of evidence against him.  He is held on Washington’s demand alone.  As Washington has no evidence against Assange, this is Washington’s way of killing him. Washington is relying on the stress from years of frustration from being denied due process to kill Assange. It is nothing but an act of vengeance because Wikileaks published leaked documents that embarrassed Washington.

Donald Trump is also being murdered.  Again, Washington is relying on stress.  Trump is 77 years old.  On top of the stress of the job as President of the US, Trump simultaneously endured Russiagate accusations, two impeachments, strippergate charges, insurrection charges, document gate charges, rape charges, and now faces 4 separate felony trials while he campaigns for reelection, and a crooked Democrat court has convicted him on the false charge that he overstated the value of his real estate holdings and is attempting to confiscate his properties.  All of this is likely also stressing his marriage and his relationship with his daughter.  The Republicans in Congress are part of the one party state and do not support their own President.  Trump is a man who has been pounded unjustly for 7 years with the worst yet to come.  Clearly, Washington having no evidence against him is relying on a stroke or heart attack induced by the stress that Washington is applying. 

The intention of the massive persecution of Donald Trump is to teach all future presidential  candidates that they will be destroyed if they go against the Establishment’s agendas, try to give government back to the people or to normalize relations with an enemy that the military/security complex needs in order to remain profitable.  This extraordinary demonstration of power against the American people goes unnoticed, which reinforces my question:  Do the American people have enough intelligence to survive? 

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