Biden Devalues American Citizenship

Biden Devalues American Citizenship

Paul Craig Roberts

President Biden is a traitor to the United States. He is doing everything possible to make illegal immigrant-invaders identical in their rights to US citizens.  

The Biden regime has sued Elon Musk’s SpaceX for hiring Americans instead of immigrant-invaders. 

The Biden regime has extended the protection of US law to illegal immigrant-invaders. Last Thursday the Biden Justice (sic) Department and Biden Consumer Financial Protection Bureau told banks that refusal to lend money to immigrant-invaders amounts to illegal discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin and thereby constitutes grounds for federal action against the offending financial institution. 

The Biden regime gives Federal ID cards to illegal immigrants and releases them into the population.  The Federal ID provides the illegals with access to benefits, housing, transportation, jobs, and bank loans.  Once they are on payrolls, they pay Social Security and Medicare tax and become eligible  for these benefits. 

The presstitutes lie for the Biden regime, claiming it is not really an official ID, only something to help the Department of Homeland Security keep check on those who might pose a security risk.  I remember when they said Social Security numbers could not be used for identification purposes.  My original card says: ‘Not  For Identification Purposes.”  Today your Social Security number is your identification. You cannot do anything without it.

You tell me, what is the difference between an illegal immigrant-invader and an American citizen? You might think that the only remaining difference is the right to vote, but the Democrats already vote illegal immigrants, and NY City permits illegals to vote on local matters.  We now have a Somali immigrant-invader, Ilhan Omar, elected to the US Congress.  Somali immigrant-invaders have been elected to American city councils, school boards and to the Minnesota state legislature.  The Somali immigrants to the US were the direct result of Washington’s military intervention in Somalia.  

The Muslin  immigrants to the US from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya are also the direct consequence of Washington’s wars against those countries.  It seems that Washington goes to war for the purpose of flooding America with refugees, people of color who have preferential legal standing in US law. What we are experiencing is the first time in human history that a government intentionally destroyed the ethnic basis of a country.  Nothing is done to stop the constant march across the border from Mexico of people from numerous countries.  Open borders is the Biden regime’s immigration policy.

Allegedly, these many millions of immigrant-invaders are refugees from political persecution in their own countries.  Perhaps a few are, but this excuse is used for the intentional overrunning of a white nation, because the Democrats got a law passed that says the US has to accept refugees from political persecution. 

The Refugee Act of 1980 resulted from Democrat President Johnson’s Vietnam War. The Carter Administration sponsored the Act. The law changed the definition of “refugee” to a person with a “well-founded fear of persecution.”  In other words, people who took Washington’s side in a war that Washington lost, as in Vietnam, had to be rescued by being brought to America.  Ever since, anyone from all over the world, as long as they are not white, can walk in to America unopposed.  Who knows whether they have a “well-founded fear of persecution.”

Every white American should understand that “their” government has betrayed them.  The Biden Regime that allows the US to be overrun with immigrant-invaders has declared President Trump and his 85 million members of the electorate to be dangerous domestic terrorists. The FBI has created a new division to monitor these “domestic extremists who constitute the greatest threat to the United States.”

Consider what this means.  The person twice elected president is considered a threat to America but not the occupation of the US by immigrant-invaders who do not in any way share the history, culture, or belief system of Americans.

In the first 20 days last month (September) 140,000 illegal immigrant-invaders crossed the US-Mexico Border.  Here is the picture. The US, a country that spends one trillion dollars annually, that is 1,000 billion dollars, on national defense, has open undefended borders.  The $1,000 billion is spent against Russia and China who do not threaten our borders.  The invaders who do threaten us are permitted to walk in and to take up residence. Their numbers are larger than the Russian and Chinese armies combined.

Why does Washington spend so much for national defense, money that could be better used elsewhere, when Washington’s policy is to welcome immigrant-invaders to walk unopposed across the border?

Already American whites are second class citizens in their own country.  What this means is that America is no longer America, and the white taxpayers are supporting their own demise.

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