Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?

Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?

Paul Craig Roberts

This question arises from the FBI’s designation of Donald Trump and the half or more of the American electorate that supports him as “domestic terrorists” who constitute a “persistent, evolving, and deadly threat” to the United States.  As a senior official put it, “Trump’s army constitutes the greatest threat of violence domestically, politically, that’s the reality.” https://www.newsweek.com/2023/10/13/exclusive-fbi-targets-trump-followers-2024-election-nears-1831836.html 

Here we have the FBI causing disunity by splitting the US population into half.  The good half are the Democrats. The bad half is comprised of traditional Americans who want their country back from the special interests and support Donald Trump.  It is the FBI that has made this division, not the people who want their country back.  The FBI has proved itself to be a dangerous domestic terrorist that has created disunity among the population and gone to war against the traditional American population.

How can the FBI permit such a deadly threat to America, as the FBI declares Trump and his supporters to be, to win the election?  How can an army of domestic terrorists be allowed to vote Trump into office?  The FBI has equated Trump’s election with an insurrection, that is, with the overthrow of the government.

This would seem to commit the FBI to preventing Trump’s election, and the FBI is applying “counterterrorism methods developed over the past decade in response to Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups” to Trump supporters. In other words, the FBI doesn’t differentiate between Trump and his supporters and Muslin terrorists.

It is reasonable to conclude that if the Democrats’ political prosecutions of Trump fail to prevent him from running for president, the Biden regime will declare a national emergency and suspend the election.  

Biden’s Homeland Security also equates Trump supporters with “the use of violence to pursue political ends” and “a threat to our national security.”

Attorney General Garland says “attacks by domestic terrorists are attacks on all of us collectively.” What attacks is Garland talking about?  The ones the FBI is about to orchestrate?

It is clear that the Biden regime and security agencies regard half or more of the US electorate as domestic terrorists.  In other words, the FBI is now a political police, no longer a criminal police.  The FBI and Homeland Security are geared to protecting Washington from the American electorate.  Attorney General Garland has made it clear that the “Justice” Department will validate whatever unconstitutional methods are used.  

The position of the FBI and Homeland Security is that if you disagree with an official narrative, you are a domestic terrorist.  

I do not believe that Trump will be permitted to be President.  If he wins, it will be said that he lost, or he will be assassinated, or a state of emergency will be declared.  The Establishment will do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of the White House.

I think that the Democrats and their security agencies are demonstrating their Nazi inclinations for no real purpose.  If Trump regains the White House, he still doesn’t have the government.  Who can he appoint to help him?  Who are they? Those who helped him in the past, such as his lawyers, are all indicted by a black woman in Fulton County, Georgia.  If Trump is reelected, it will be a repeat of his first term–constant accusations against him repeated endlessly by the presstitutes, constant investigations, more impeachments.  Any cabinet secretary who helps him will be a social outcast.  His career will be over.  

When white Americans themselves are demonized as “aversive racists” and  “white supremacists” in US universities and public schools and are investigated by the FBI for protesting the brainwashing of their children at school board meetings, what can anyone do?

Insouciant Americans have been asleep for too long, and they have lost their country.  How are they going to get it back?

Consider that those who vote Democrat actually believe that the other half of the electorate are dangerous white supremacist domestic terrorists.  They believe this despite the absence of any buildings blown up by Trump supporters, by the absence of assassinations, by the absence of rioting and looting as practiced by the Democrats’ agents, Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  Democrats are so indoctrinated that they believe the propaganda in the absence of evidence.

The wedge that has been so successfully driven between  Americans makes white people a minority in their own country.  They are so divided that they cannot defend themselves or the Constitution that is the shield of their liberty.

Now that the FBI has declared the 85 million Americans who twice elected Trump president to be domestic terrorists, the FBI will have to organize some domestic terrorists events, like it had to organize Muslim terrorist events, in order to validate its proclamation of domestic terrorism from Trump supporters.  Will federal agents blow up buildings,  stage rioting and looting events, and assassinate Democrats in order to incriminate Trump supporters?  Is this the playbook for the Democrats to win the next election?

What do we make of Hillary Clinton’s statement that Trump supporters have to be officially deprogrammed?  Are we being set up for reeducation camps?

In America today, all of this is possible.

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