The Nobel Prize Has Been Politicized

The Nobel Prize Has Been Politicized

Paul Craig Roberts

The Nobel Prize has become a laughing stock.  The Nobel Committee gave the Peace prize to Obama, one of the worst warmongers of the 21st century second only to Bush/Cheney.  And now the Nobel Committee has awarded the medicine prize to two “scientists” who concocted the most dangerous “vaccine” ever released on the world with the documented deaths of millions of the vaccinated and even larger numbers of people with health injuries.

It is extraordinary that a Nobel Committee can completely and totally ignore the findings of a massive number of studies by the leading medical scientists of our time that the mRNA Covid “vaccines” cause myocardial events such as heart attacks, sudden deaths, turbo cancers, blood clots, infertility, compromised immune systems, and 1,291 other deadly and health damaging side effects.

This is the same irresponsible and politicized Nobel Committee that gave the Peace prize to Obama, who destroyed Libya, intended the same destruction for Syria  but was prevented by Russian President Putin.

The Nobel Committee’s prizes convey shame, not honor.  They are a lie.

Listen to the Nobel Committee’s ignorance? incompetence? participation in disinformation supporting population control and infertility?:

“The laureates contributed to the unprecedented rate of vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health in modern times.” 

Actual, real medical scientists have concluded that the “vaccine” killed and injured more people than did Covid.

A large number of scientific studies are posted on this website by the world’s most distinguished medical scientists that prove the mRNA vaccines have done far more damage than Covid.  Search the site and you will find them.  Below are some new ones and some commentary on the massive lie that the Nobel Committee has inflicted on the world.  

Are there any institutions in the West that can be trusted?  Are there any prizes that are valid?

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