The anti-American sexual perverts who dominate the California State Assembly have made it impossible to be a parent in California

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The anti-American sexual perverts who dominate the California State Assembly have made it impossible to be a parent in California

Paul Craig Roberts

California public schools supported by taxes on property owners  teach California kids that it is possible to be born into the wrong body, and the schools implant the idea that many girls are really boys and many boys really girls that ended up in the wrong physical configuration.  Consequently, an entire industry has grown up to change the sex of children.  Boys are chemically castrated and given female hormones. Girls have their breast cut out and are given male hormones.  Quack “transgender science” against nature proceeds apace.

The public schools have created a fad among children that the thing to do is to change one’s sex.  This brings the child attention the child might not get from a two-parent earner family created by taxes and feminism. By the time busy parents working to stay ahead of mortgage and car payments catch on to what is going on, it is too late.

To prevent any intervention by parents the California State Assembly has passed a bill that gives the state the right to seize kids from parents who don’t support the “transition” of their kids into the opposite sex.  The bill says that if a parent objects to the sex change of a child, the child is endangered and can be seized into the state’s protection.

There you have it–“freedom in America.”  All authority of parents has been taken away in California by people who have ceased to be moral Americans.

Whites are fleeing California, even the dumbshit liberal ones.  Consequently, California which was a Reagan state only a short time ago is today only 33% white. Today Republicans hold only 18 seats in the 80 member assembly.

God speed the legal and illegal Hispanic and Asian immigration into California.  Hopefully, the immigrants will use their immense majority to take the government away from the crazed governor Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff, the worst kind of anti-Americans who are destroying our country.  

Listen to Democrat state representative Lori Wilson who declares that it is the duty of parents to affirm their brainwashed children by endorsing their sex change.  Lori Wilson says since parents fail their duty “to affirm our children”–by which she means by “our” your children which become the state’s children–the state has to intervene, take your kids, and perform the role of affirmation that parents fail to do. 

Clearly, California Democrats no longer even think like Americans.  They are not Americans. They are dangerous aliens among us.  Let’s pray that Mexico reclaims California and Arizona and cuts out the metastasizing cancer.  

After all,  California and the southwest represent lands stolen from Mexico.  If we have to make amends to blacks because they were enslaved by blacks, we should pay reparations for stealing the southwest from Mexico. 

In California a child can be secretly transitioned without the knowledge or consent of parents. The California public schools actually teach the children that they cannot trust their parents.

Is it possible to imagine a worst dystopia than California?

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