Tanya Chutkan is Biden’s Vyshinsky

Tanya Chutkan is Biden’s Vyshinsky

Paul Craig Roberts

US President Donald Trump, whose reelection was stolen, faces a kangaroo rigged trial as did Nikolai  Bukharin, described by Lenin as “the golden boy of the revolution,” at the hands of Stalin and his prosecutor Vyshinsky, who convicted Bukharin of being a capitalist agent.  This was like convicting Lenin of being a capitalist agent.  

Biden the Usurper’s Vyshinsky is a black female immigrant-invader, Tanya Chutkan,  appointed by “America’s first black president” Obama, to the Democrat US District Court for the District of Columbia.  The immigrant-invader Chutkan has consistently expressed her views that Trump and his supporters attacked American democracy on January 6.  She has imposed prison sentences on protesters, called “rioters” by the whore media and dumbshit conservatives such as https://republicbrief.com/trumps-case-takes-huge-turn-judge-could-be-removed-after-new-discovery/ , in excess of what the Democrat prosecutors requested.  There is no better measure of bias than Tanya Chutkan has demonstrated.

Clearly, Chutkan is a federal judge biased against President Trump.

President Trump has pointed this out and asked that a judge desirous of convicting him be removed from his trial.  Do not expect the Trump-hating, Trump-supporter hating, and white-American hating totally corrupt Biden Justice (sic) department to give Trump an unbiased judge.  The plan is to get Trump  regardless of all facts.  Getting Trump is all that matters.  Evidence, the protections provided by the US Constitution–none of these things matter to Democrats and Tanya Chutkan. 

It is quite extraordinary to watch white Americans hand over power to blacks indoctrinated to hate them.  What we are really watching in the false prosecutions of President Trump is the white race committing suicide, and the insouciant dumbshits are too stupid to see it.

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