American Insouciance Is Institutionalizing Tyranny

The weak response to my current appeal convinces me that the Western World has been blue-pilled

American Insouciance Is Institutionalizing Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

Many might be tired of the vax controversy.  Those of you who are influenced by the claim that the medical scientists who have concluded that the Covid “vaccine” is dangerous are conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation and must be silenced need to look at the powerful evidence provided by independent scientists who are not on Big Pharma’s payroll or grants list.

Otherwise, if you are still unaffected by being vaxxed, most likely because you received a placebo–after all, if they killed everyone jabbed the plot would become obvious and fail–you might be a victim of a second round.

There are indications that a second round is being organized.  Already “President” Biden has donned the mask, although it has been completely proven that the mask is not only ineffective but harmful.  Already there is a new “vaccine” for the latest Covid variant, which, although produced in a lab according to two Japanese scientists, disappointed its developers on the danger scale.  

As a noted virologist explained to me, it is difficult to know how the human body will respond to any created virus.  But sooner or later America’s numerous biowar  labs will find a deadly one.

Then the authorities won’t have to fake the numbers by using tests that produce false positive results and by counting all hospital deaths as Covid deaths. 

If they can’t get up and spreading a Covid version that is more dangerous, will it be ebola or small pox that they release?  They will do something, because the world population is too large to be controlled by a handful of elites.  The World Economic Forum and Bill Gates have made that clear.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is concerned about the ruling elite’s attack on the people. 

His website, Global Research, provides access to the conclusions of independent scientists.  Here is one of his latest postings: 

Western countries, remnants of Western civilization with rapidly eroding accountable government, rule of law, civil liberty, social cohesion–all of which have been cast to the wind–are under multiple threats.  Biowar attack on the populations are only one of the threats.

Others are the deracination of white ethnicities both by massive illegal immigration–essentially immigrant-invaders as in Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints–and the attack on merit as a racist white tool for suppressing blacks.  American universities, law schools, and medical schools have intentionally abandoned merit and replaced it with equity.

To achieve equity between whites and blacks requires a two-tiered legal system.  More capable whites must be suppressed in favor of less capable blacks as in Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron.” 

The transformation from merit to equity has been underway in the US since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  What this act did as interpreted by the EEOC, as only a few recognized at the time, was to destroy 14th Amendment protection for white people with preferential treatment of blacks, euphemistically called “affirmative action.” 

This preferential treatment of blacks has become a squatter’s right, is institutionalized, and is imposed on the white underclass with “racial sensitively training” and Critical Race Theory taught to school children. White students, white corporate and government employees, and white military recruits are taught that they are racists and must defer to blacks’  claims. This has made life impossible for white employees, students, and military personnel who find themselves under the authority of those taught to hate them. White heterosexual men who find themselves in supervisory positions are unable to manage as they are open to charges of racism, sexual abuse, homophobia.

The Biden Regime is an open book of the Democrats’ intention to institutionalize sexual perversion as normal and legitimate, “equity” in place of merit, narratives serving material and ideological interests in place of truth, and law as punishment for those who challenge the official narratives.

In other words, the ruling elite have used Democrats, media, and insouciant whites to create a tyranny.

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