The most accurate description of the Western World today seems to be in the Book of Revelation

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The most accurate description of the Western World today seems to be in the Book of Revelation

It seems that Satan has been unleashed, and except for Arhbishop Vigano his opponents reduced to cowardice and insouciance.

Paul Craig Roberts

On September 4, I noted that “our leaders” are mimicking the Book of Revelation and that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are doing their job.

I was stunned to read this morning two articles by Archbishop Vigano that we are in end times with globalism being used to bring the Antichrist to power and Covid orchestrated to pave the road to the tyranny of the Antichrist.

One doesn’t have to be religious, as Archbishop Vigano is, to see how completely the Western World today reflects the description in the Book of Revelation. Power has been transferred from the people to authorities throughout society and countries. Sexual perversity is being normalized. Normality is being mocked. Truth ridiculed as misinformation. Hatred encouraged among races. The rule of law turned from a shield of the people into a weapon against them. War is liberation and building democracy. Integrity, honor, justice are extinguished. Wantonness encouraged. Evil acts and thoughts are everywhere to be found.

Read these two articles by the archbishop and decide if what many would dismiss as religious mumbo jumbo makes more sense than Biden and all Western “leaders,” CNN, NPR, NY Times, World Economic Forum, G-7, G-20, Woke ideology, Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism, and the rest of the lies and deceptions that rule our lives.

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