Will White People Survive?

Will White People Survive?

Paul Craig Roberts

Beginning in 1787 the English  began campaigning for the abolition of the slave trade. As the slave trade was the product of black Africa itself, the only way the English could abolish the slave trade was by prohibiting English purchase of slaves and by using England’s command of the seas to blockade the African ports where the slaves captured by the black African King of Dahomey were loaded onto Portuguese, French, British, and Dutch ships. Once the British closed Dahomey’s Gate of No Return at Ouidah by blockading the port, Dahomey’s revenues which had equipped Dahomey’s army with modern European weapons collapsed, and Dahomey fell to the French in the 1890s just as the 20th century opened.

In 1833 the English Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act, which freed slaves in English territories. But it was not until 1851 when the Brazilian slave trade was abolished that the English began blockading the ports of Africa’s Slave Coast. Nevertheless the Dahomey slave trade continued into the 1860s.

Never expect to see any “black studies” program in any Western university–especially in America–  teach that it was the WHITE English who stopped BLACK AFRICAN rulers from capturing blacks, enslaving them and selling them to locations that needed a work force by blockading the ports, such as Ouidah–the Gate of No Return–where the black king of Dahomey loaded his slave war captives onto ships for export. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2023/08/27/the-african-origin-of-the-slave-trade/ 

You, white person, must instead blame yourself. You are a white “aversive racist” according to the excrement that rule the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” a collection of lies designed to demonize white Americans and to destroy their racial confidence so that they willingly submit to black demands and black dominance.

These lies have proven to be extremely effective. Just the other day the family of British Prime Minister Gladstone apologized for the family’s slaver past. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/aug/26/family-of-former-british-pm-william-gladstone-apologises-for-enslaver-past-in-guyana

Only indoctrinated and brainwashed whites incapable of thought could have engaged in this self-indictment for the enslavement of blacks by the Black Kingdom of Dahomey. William Gladstone was British Prime Minister beginning in 1868 after the WHITE British had stamped out the slave trade run by the BLACK Kingdom of Dahomey.

A former Gladstone had owned slaves on a plantation in the Caribbean, but he was not responsible for their enslavement. They came to him already enslaved by their BLACK brothers who captured them in slave wars.

Now, dear reader, you tell me, how is it that the enslavement of blacks by blacks, which was stopped with military and legal action by WHITES, is today in every Western University and every presstitute propaganda organization masquerading as “media” blamed on the whites who stopped the slave trade?

Dear white people, how long will you be so stupid to blame yourselves for the enslavement of blacks by blacks? Do you have any sense of self-preservation? Are you so utterly brainwashed and stupid that you are determined to accept your demonization and marginalization?

It seems so.

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