Republican Party Sets Up Trump for Democrats

Republican Party Sets Up Trump for Democrats

Paul Craig Roberts

Just think of the many years and the many iterations the Democrats and their FBI and presstitute media have given to their attempts to frame up President Trump beginning with the “Russiagate” hoax in 2016 seven years ago.  After “Russiagate,” which even the Democrat anti-Trump special prosecutor had to dismiss, there were two phony impeachments, both rejected by the Senate, an “insurrection” hoax which has left 1,000 American patriots and military veterans in prison on false convictions orchestrated by a black anti-Trump judge, strippergate in which a woman who performs in pornographic films, likely a false charge of an extortion threat, accused Trump of using her services, documentsgate which brought the absurd charge that the President of the United States stole national security secrets to give to the Russians, and now a racketeering charge under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that was used to deprive Mafia of the financial means to defend themselves from charges. The legally incompetent quota hire, Fani Willis, thinks that it is racketeering for Trump to question a Democrat election result.  That is the state of jurisprudence in Atlanta, Georgia, once a proud city and now a shithole.

The corrupt Democrats, corrupt FBI, and three corrupt and incompetent prosecutors have come up with four fake indictments.  At any previous time in American history, the indictments would have been laughed out of court.  Why not this time?  The answer is that the ruling Establishment, both Democrat and Republican, are determined to teach all future candidates for president and to teach all Americans that no one will be tolerated in the Oval Office who does not represent the ruling Establishment.

Think back to Trump’s campaign and to his inaugural address.  It was a bold challenge to the ruling Establishment.  Trump said he was going to take power away from the ruing elites and give it back to the people where it belongs.  It is for this challenge and only this challenge that Trump is faced with false indictments in jurisdictions where Democrats, and Democrats alone, control judges, jurors, and prosecutors.  This blatantly obvious frame-up of the leading contender for president in the 2024 election is being treated as if it is real by the legal profession, the presstitute media, and both political parties.

Congressman Matt Gaetz makes this clear when he points out that the Republican Establishment is in league with the Democrats and the Democrats’ presstitutes to falsely convict President Trump.

On the Charlie Kirk Show on August 18, 2023, Gaetz said the House Republicans could bring President Trump in to give testimony to Congress, and by doing so, immunize Trump from the false charges.  Gaetz said:

“There’s different forms of immunity that take place at the committee level.  For full immunity, you need a supermajority vote.  Speaker McCarthy could set up a select committee tomorrow that can bring Trump in and immunize him.  Then the House could proceed with the very legitimate investigative work that we are doing of the Bidens and the corrupt Department of Justice.  Unfortunately, none of those things are happening.  Instead, Congress is not in Washington, not assembled. And I think the timing is on purpose. No timing in DC is ever just a mere coincidence.  And so right as Congress is leaving town, right as we are walking away from our responsibility to be just and fair, we see this acceleration of activity against Trump.”

Gaetz says the House’s ability to immunize is laid out in 18 U.S.C. 6002 and 6005. “If President Trump came in and said, ‘I am here to give you testimony about the witch hut, the abuse of criminal process, that Congress has legitimate oversight to resolve,’ we could immunize him for the conduct covered by his testimony.”

Instead, the Republican Establishment made certain that the party ran away from the opportunity.

The Republican Party’s big donors are encouraging the abandonment of Trump, a certain winner of the nomination and election.  Why?  Because they don’t, and can’t, control him.  The rich don’t give money in order for the people to have their leader instead of the rich’s leader.  

According to Republican Party top donors are withholding their money in order to encourage Republicans to find a different candidate than Trump.  Reportedly, the Big Money donors have their eyes on Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.  Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who owns Fox News, is also pushing for Youngkin.  The axios article makes it clear that the Republican donors are frustrated by Trump’s electoral strength and don’t know how to get rid of him.  It is clear that the reason they don’t want Trump is not because he can’t win, but because he will.  

It is clear that Republican money is happier with Biden than with Trump and would prefer the party to lose the election than to have Trump in the White House.  In other words, there are not two parties.  There is a uni-party.  The American people are in the way of elite rule.

If the Republican Party was a real party, it would back its voters’ choice, not abandon Trump to a frame-up.  But the Republican Party is not a real political party any more than is the Democrat Party.  The parties are vehicles for the Ruling Establishment.

Think about it, other than Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., where are the people’s leaders?  Among the few are Representatives Jim Jordon, James Comer and Matt Gaetz, Senators Rand Paul, Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, and a governor or two.  I suspect that the ruling establishment has placed targets on their backs.  Indeed, an effort was already made to frame-up Gaetz.  

Republicans seldom stand by their own. The party abandoned President Nixon to the CIA’s “Watergate” frame-up. Nixon raised the CIA’s ire by making peace with China and the Soviet Union, thus threatening the CIA’s budget and power. The CIA couldn’t assassinate Nixon, because the public had grown suspicious that the CIA had assassinated John and Robert Kennedy, so the CIA sent one of its assets to the Washington Post to concoct a scandal with which to remove Nixon.

Republicans failed to stand by House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a successful leader who the ruling Establishment did not want. Democrats filed 84 ethics charges against Gingrich, all of which were fluff and all but one dropped. The one charge that remained was that Gingrich claimed tax-exempt status for a college course run for political purposes. The IRS cleared Gingrich of the charge, but the Ethics Committee’s Special Counsel claimed that Gingrich had lied to the committee in an effort to get the charge dropped.  On this slim reed, the Republicans sacrificed their Speaker to the Democrats.

As all Republican voters know, relying on Republican backbone is pointless.  If the Establishment wants a leader’s head, the Republicans deliver.  A current case is Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General since 2015.  Last May Paxton launched an investigation of Big Pharma after a judge forced release of Pfizer’s report on the deaths and injuries of its Covid “vaccine.” Pfizer tried to have the report locked up for 75 years so no one could find out that Pfizer knew the “vaccine” was too dangerous to release.  The same month Paxton began an investigation of Big Pharma, the Texas Republican controlled House  impeached Paxton.  The trial in the Republican controlled Senate begins September 5.

One charge related to a long-ago charge that Paxton had given investment advice without a license, a fact that had harmed no one and about which nothing had been done for many years.  The other charge is that Paxton obstructed justice by looking into a supporter’s complaint that the FBI was treating him unfairly.  The supporter turned out to be a donor to Paxton’s campaign, and the whore media made it look as if Paxton was using his office for friends and payments.  In other words, the narrative is that Paxton can use his office to protect Texans but not if he knows them. Such a narrative violates the 14th Amendment, something that Democrats with all their racial quotas and racial privileges no longer believe in.

I am open to the argument that Paxton used poor judgment, had unwise connections to the donor, and went further than prudent in support of a donor, but why did the Republican legislature  have to rush to discredit its attorney general as soon as he opens an investigation of Big Pharma? 

Paxton’s impeachment stops or hampers the investigation of Big Pharma, which seems to be the purpose of the impeachment,  and also serves to confirm the Democrats’ charge that the Republicans are corrupt. It seems that for the Texas Republicans, Big Pharma’s massive crime counts for nothing compared to two small things that have been raised to major crimes by the Democrats’ presstitutes.

I think I can explain why this happens.  The smart Big Money doesn’t donate, or donate much, to individual politicians.  Big Money donates to the party apparatus. This allows the few party officials to control who gets the money, and in this way they can control the members.  The Big Money is thus able to control the party by controlling the few officials. For the same reason Washington prefers the European Union to sovereign European countries.  It is easier to control the EU than to control many separate governments.

Consider that the Republican Lt. Governor is serving as the judge of the impeachment of Paxton.  In this role, he has the power to set the rules and can legally do so in a way that avoids Paxton’s impeachment.  Instead, the Republican Lt. Governor imposed a gag order on the Republican Attorney General to prevent him from speaking out about the case and also forbade Paxton’s wife, a state senator, from voting on the impeachment.  The Republican Lt. Governor considers it a conflict of interest for the Attorney General’s wife to vote on impeachment, but it is not a conflict of interest for Paxton’s enemies to vote.  

Recently, I read that it has come to light that the huge financial organization Black Rock has been found using money in investors’ accounts to support the Woke agenda.  In response the state governments in Florida and Texas have removed state funds from Black Rock.  That Black Rock has been found supporting the Woke agenda explains why so many corporations from Disney to Starbucks to Target to Budweiser have harmed their businesses by supporting Woke agendas.  Black Rock’s financial power and ownership position in American corporations is so massive that Black Rock controls 90% of Fortune 500 Boards of Directors.  Do as we say, says Black Rock, or you are cut off from money.

Does anyone know why Black Rock serves as Woke’s Enforcer? Of what benefit is this to a huge financial organization?  How did anti-white, anti-American woke leftists get control of Black Rock?  Another valid question is: why is Black Rock permitted to be such a massive monopoly in violation of all the progressive legislation of the Progressive Era?

The intellectual Irving Kristol gave Republicans their name decades ago–“the stupid party,” and stupid Republicans certainly are.  Here are the Republicans running away from a chance to restore a rule of law and accountable government, clean up a corrupt FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, discipline the presstitutes, and adopt a foreign policy independent of the agenda of the military/security complex simply by protecting Trump from false prosecution, and the Republicans refuse to do it. Instead, the Republicans run away from their obligation to our country.  

The unavoidable conclusion is that there is no hope for Americans in either party.

Americans have no idea who their leaders are other than Trump, and they are not capable of organizing and supporting a new party.  Their only two options seem to be to submit to tyranny or to revolt.  

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