Totalitarianism Has Metastasized

Totalitarianism Has Metastasized

Paul Craig Roberts

The United States is rapidly becoming an oppressive totalitarian society. The totalitarianism that is overwhelming America does not rely on imposition by government as in George Orwell’s novel 1984.  It is imposed by the leading institutions of the society, such as the American Board of Internal Medicine, the Chase Bank, the universities, the media, the Democrat Party, school boards, corporations.

What Americans face is the hard fact that the major institutions of their society no longer believe in the US Constitution and the civil liberties it protects, such as independent thought, free speech, and the rule of law.  In America today law is a weapon with which to get those who do not uphold the official narratives.  Perversity is being normalized. The white American majority is being demonized, deracinated and criminalized. The doctrines of “aversive racism” and “critical race theory” declare all white people to be racists, which is a criminal offense de facto if not yet in law.

In other words, the totalitarian tendency in government has metastasized throughout society.  The white population does not understand that this has happened and that it is directed at them.

No one is safe.  Not even President Trump.  Not even the most distinguished scientists and medical doctors.  And certainly not truth-telling journalists such as Julian Assange.  If Assange is convicted, his conviction will create the legal precedent that telling the truth is a criminal offense.  The construction of our prison will be complete. 

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