The Looting of Medicare

The Looting of Medicare

Paul Craig Roberts

Eight days ago I reported mysterious billings to my Medicare account: 

Two were billings for expired Covid tests.  From a notice accompanying the second batch of 8 test kits, Medicare is paying for the surplus products of Covid providers to be sent at Medicare’s expense to those qualified by age for Medicare. The notice said: “Tests are totally free, paid for by the Government. Please Do Not Return.”  

“Paid for by the Government” means paid for by Medicare.

Why is Medicare reimbursing Covid test providers for expired tests that Americans on Medicare did not request?

This is an important question.  We are constantly being told by Republicans and conservatives that we cannot afford Medicare and Social Security.  Yet the Republicans and conservatives do not complain about our ability to afford 800 military bases around the world, endless wars, and a massive $1.4 trillion annual military/security complex budget that serves nothing but the profits of the armaments industries and the unaccountable powers of the CIA and NSA.

Why did the Biden regime commit limited Medicare funds to reimbursing Covid test providers for Covid tests that no one needs? 

I have no need for 24 Covid tests. I keep the test kits and their mailing labels so that I can produce the tests and their mailing labels when I am accused of lying and providing misinformation.  The last batch of 8 tests just arrived a couple of days ago from Covigen Medtox Lab Inc. in Ashburn VA 20147 via USPS marked “Do Not Return, Government Program.”

There you have it, the utterly corrupt and criminal Biden regime is using scarce Medicare dollars to subsidize Covid test providers.  Note that these Covid tests are arriving after the Biden regime was forced by the facts to declare the state of emergency to be over.  My latest batch of 8 Covid tests says: “This product has not been FDA cleared or approved, but has been authorized by FDA under an EUA. This product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection and/or diagnosis of Covid-19 under Section 564(b)(1) of the Federal Food Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

In other words, Medicare paid for delivery to me of 24–so far–Covid tests that are no longer authorized for use. How many more useless tests sent at Medicare’s expense will I receive?

Make what you will of this.  

I would like to hear from my American readers.  Tell me older readers, are you receiving Covid test kits in the mail billed to your Medicare account?

If 40 years ago i had published my July 2 article, I would have been overwhelmed with calls from reporters for more information so they could investigate what was going on. But I didn’t hear one word. Not a single call from a reporter.  Not even one email from one reader.  Apparently fraud and corruption are so much a part of American life that no one any longer pays the slightest attention.  Lately I have been thinking that I am wasting my time and making myself a target by providing information on this website.  

For the young, what is normal is what they are born into.  Over the course of my life America has moved unrelentingly into tyranny.  Today, unlike in the 1940s, 1950s, and through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, facts no longer count.  What counts are “equity” and emotions.  Free speech is essentially banned on university campuses and social media, because it might “offend” a privileged group of racial minorities, transgendered claimants or some group of sexual perverts.  The area of permitted discussion is ever shrinking.  This is also true in law schools where cases can only be evaluated from the Woke standpoint.  If the legal decision does not advance “equity,” that is, if it rests on merit and fact-based evidence, and  does not advance legally privileged groups, the ruling is wrong on its face. Even liberal law professors report that they they are too frightened to offer other than the Woke side of a case.

In other words, the legal system, the rule of law, is being destroyed.  In its place is being erected an aristocratic privileged system in which the law that applies to you is determined by your place in the hierarchy of racial and sexual preference rankings.  The more perverse you are, the higher your ranking.  The more normal you are, the lower your ranking.  This is simply the fact in America today.

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution requiring equal protection under law has been totally abandoned.  Today your protection depends on how dark your skin color is and how perverse you are sexually.  The darker the skin and the more sexually perverse you are, the more rights you have. The recent Supreme Court decision will have no effect.

The white kids born into this well established institutionalized system don’t know any different. They are born as second-class citizens. They begin their “sensitivity training” to accustom them to deference to “privileged minorities” when they enter school just as serfs learned deference to the lords of the manor. This is why America is no longer a home for white people. 

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