Why Has the Entire Western World Abandoned Justice?

Why Has the Entire Western World Abandoned Justice?

A Truthful Account of Julian Assange’s “crime”

Paul Craig Roberts

Julian Assange has been harassed on false charges for more than a decade and held in prison or in house arrest in the Ecuadoran embassy in London for a decade.  

Assange’s trouble began when two Swedish women each took him home to their beds and later complained that he hadn’t used a condom.  One or both wanted him to take an Aids test.  Foolishly, he refused, and one or both women went to the police to see if he could be required to take the test.  

The corrupt or stupid police concocted a rape charge out of the women’s complaint.  A female Swedish prosecutor investigated Assange for rape, and finding no rape, withdrew the arrest warrant over alleged rape the day after it as issued. “As far as I am concerned there are no longer any grounds to suspect that he (Assange) committed rape,” Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne said on August 21, 2010. The whore Western media, of course, continued the false rape story for a decade.

Assange was free to go and went to the UK.  A second Swedish prosecutor, deputy chief prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson, suspected by some of having been bribed to help Washington get its dirty corrupt hands on Assange, reopened the case against Assange on a false pretense.  She wanted him extradited to Sweden for questioning, but extraditions are not granted for questioning.  There have to be charges recognized by a court.  The second Swedish prosecutor had no charges.  Assange and his supporters figured that if she got him to Sweden she would turn him over to the Americans.  Assange said she could question him in the UK.  What came out of this was that the British obeyed their master in Washington and used the extradition request to hold Assange under house arrest. Once the British got their hands on Assange in 2019, Persson’s “investigation” had served its purpose and she dropped her “investigation.”

Assange realized that the corrupt British “justice” system was looking for a way around UK law so the UK government could turn him over to Washington.  Washington was at work concocting a narrative that Assange had conspired with hackers to steal US national security secrets and to sell the false narrative to a dumbshit grand jury.  All Assange had done was to publish documents leaked to him, which is what journalists have always done.

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa,  granted Assange political asylum, and Assange escaped to the Ecuadoran embassy in London.  But the British refused to recognize his asylum, just as the Soviets refused to recognize the asylum the US granted to Hungarian Cardinal Mindszenty who had to live in the US embassy in Budapest for 15 years.    The next president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, regarded by many as a piece of filth, is suspected of taking a bribe from Washington to revoke Assange’s asylum and Ecuadoran citizenship in 2019. The British dragged Assange out of the embassy and have held him in solitary confinement for four years while a corrupt British judicial system worked its way around the law so they can hand Assange over to Washington.

What this tells us is that neither the US nor the UK any longer have legal systems.  They have weaponized law.  The British did it by pretending to be legal while always finding a way around the law.  The US didn’t bother and just declared that journalists who published national security leaks are spies.  This claim failed in the 1970s when it was used against Daniel Ellsberg who gave the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. Fifty years ago, unlike today, there was still respect for the US Constitution.

You have to wonder how the corrupt American prosecutors building a fake case against Assange can be respected by anyone or could possibly continue in any career.  You have to wonder the same about the corrupt UK judges.  Who would even speak to such trash?  US senators Mark Warner and Lindsey Graham regard Assange, an honest journalist, as “a dedicated accomplice in efforts to undermine American security.”  This kind of stupidity and hatred of First Amendment rights now dominates American politics.

How can a piece of trash such as Lenin Moreno expect to be politely received anywhere in politics and society?

The American and British whore media, of course, threw away their own first Amendment rights by jumping all over Assange for being a traitor and a spoiled brat. The whore media covered up the crimes governments committed against Assange by only providing the officially concocted false narrative.

When the Western media abandoned Assange, the utter fools abandoned their own independence and right to report.  Today the Western media is permitted to function only as a ministry of propaganda for the ruling elite.

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