Durham Says FBI Heads Should Roll But He Passed Up the Opportunity 

Durham Says FBI Heads Should Roll But He Passed Up the Opportunity 

Paul Craig Roberts

Special Counsel John Durham told the House Judiciary Committee on June 21 that the US cannot exist under circumstances where the FBI and the Department of Justice run a two-tiered system of justice.

Durham said he did not file criminal charges against the FBI because the charges could be hard to prove, but he didn’t say why.  The answer for failing to bring criminal charges against the corrupt FBI probably is that Republicans fear putting the FBI on trial because discrediting the FBI would discredit their cases against real criminals and unleash a crime wave.  Republicans’ concern with law and order shield the FBI from accountability.

The outcome of Russiagate is that if a citizen lies to the FBI the citizen goes to prison, but if the FBI lies to a federal court nothing happens to the FBI.

So they keep on lying as they are doing about “documentsgate.”


Durham Told House Judiciary Committee FBI Russiagate Investigation Was Illegitimate


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