The Democrats Are Replacing Democracy With Tyranny

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The Democrats Are Replacing Democracy With Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

The corrupt, unethical, immoral, and anti-American Democrats and security agencies began the assault on Donald Trump seven years ago with absurd accusations that Trump teamed up with Russian President Putin to interfere in the US presidential election, throwing the victory to Trump.

This led to the absurd Department of Justice (sic) investigation of “Russiagate” which ended after years of dragging Trump through the mud with a Special Council’s report that the charge had no basis in fact and reflected poorly on the FBI’s honesty and professionalism.  

But Russiagate wasn’t the end of it.  There were two Democrat attempts at impeachment based on nothing but the military/security complex’s orders to the Democrats to get rid of a President who intended to normalize relations with Russia, thus curtailing the budget and power of the military/security complex.  These efforts failed in the Senate. 

So then the Democrats used their control of the main cities in the swing states to steal the next presidential election.  The proof is all over the election scene, but the presstitutes declare “no stolen election” without an ounce of investigation, and now the overwhelming evidence that the election was stolen is censored with the charge that it is disinformation.

With the election stolen, and with the steal being so obvious, millions of real Americans–not the Woke garbage, transgender garbage, sexual perversion garbage that constitutes the Democrat Party–flooded into Washington to show the American people’s support for President Trump, who clearly won the election, receiving even more votes than he did in his defeat of Hillary Clinton.

From videos that were released and other accumulated evidence, we now know that there was NO January 6 Insurrection.  It was a fabrication of the FBI and the utterly corrupt American presstitutes.  One is startled at the low opinion that the Democrats and FBI have of the American people that they think an Insurrection can be built on a person taking a selfie while sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

The Democrats using the totally weaponized Department of Justice, now no different from the Nazi Gestapo, have actually imprisoned 1,000 honest Americans who love their country for attending a rally for President Trump.

And no one has complained. Not the federal judiciary.  Not the law schools.  Not the RINO Republicans, and most certainly not the American “media,” a collection of whore propagandists for the ruling elite.

Then there is “porn star gate.” An aging  Stormy Daniels confronted Trump with a demand for money or she would accuse him of a sexual affair during his first presidential campaign.  Trump’s lawyers said give her the money.  The lawyers charged it as a legal expense, which makes perfect sense, but the corrupt Democrat New York Justice (sic) system is claiming that it should have been reported as a campaign contribution from Trump to himself. This is the personal position of the black prosecutor and has no apparent basis in law.  Using legal manipulations as yet unexplained, NY state is trying to try Trump for a federal offense under NY state law.

But even this was not enough.  This assault on Trump was followed by Documentsgate.  

It is commonplace for presidents to retain classified documents.  Given the US government’s preference for classifying everything, a president has no basis for his  memoirs or a defense of his administration if he is not permitted the documents that document his administration. 

Biden, the current illegitimate occupant of a stolen Oval Office, has been found to have far more classified documents dating from his Vice Presidency, an office that does not have the power to declassify documents.  Moreover, the documents are scattered everywhere, even in his Corvette’s trunk.




This should tell insouciant Americans something.  In America, law has been weaponized.  It only is used against Americans who love their country and a president who stands for the people against the corrupt establishment.

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard University Professor of Law emeritus, is a man of the left.  However, he understands that weaponized law, as US law is, is inconsistent with anything except tyranny.  Dershowitz says the documentsgate indictment fails the legal test.

Nevertheless, Dershowitz says the weaponized indictment does contain two paragraphs capable of causing Trump a problem. Allegedly, Trump showed an unidentified writer a confidential plan by general Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to attack Iran.  Six days perviously, Milley apparently lied when he claimed that he was fighting to stop Trump from ordering an attack on Iran when it was Milley himself who drew up the attack plan.  There is no evidence that Trump showed the document to the writer.  He probably just held it up complaining that as it was classified he could not release it to vindicate himself from Milley’s false charges.  I am unaware of the writer publishing the document or making any reference to it. In other words, there is no evidence Trump revealed anything other than the existence of the document.

So this case against Trump is as nonexistent as all the others.  

The question is how can this go on for so long?  One fake charge after another for seven years.  Here we have the corrupt Biden, who the FBI steadfastly refuses to investigate, bringing a nonsensical federal indictment against his competitor in the presidential election.  Has any presidential candidate ever before in American history used a  federal indictment to knock out of the presidential race his competitor who is leading him by an insurmountable majority?

This is America today.  There is no law, only a weapon.  No justice, only a grab for power.  No objection from courts, Congress, law schools, and media.  The Biden regime has taken us back to the Nazi Gestapo era.  The United States government has assumed the trappings of the Third Reich, and the whore media are cheering tyranny on.

Where do the people stand? 

Do the Democrats understand what they are doing?  Focused on getting their “hate figure,”  they are irreparably splitting the country so thoroughly that it puts the lie to the name, “United States.”  And worse, they are destroying the great achievement of Anglo-American civilization–the creation of civil liberty and government subject to the rule of law.  

When law is weaponized, there is the rule of whoever is in office.  This is the definition of tyranny.  To be clear, the Democrats are creating tyranny for all Americans, themselves included. 

Wake up Americans.  Trump is the last obstacle to tyranny.  Trump is being destroyed, but the real target is you.

If the people do not rise up and rid themselves of the evil that is afflicting them, the United States of America is history, and so are a free people.


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