Looking at Immigration Anew

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Looking at Immigration Anew

Paul Craig Roberts

I appreciate that my readers understand that my preference for a nation instead of a geographical location that is a Tower of Babel does not mean that I am prejudiced against non-white ethnicities.  A nation requires assimilation of new entrants, but the US government abandoned that decades ago, and the illegitimate stolen-election Biden regime uses Identity politics to teach hatred of whites to non-white ethnicities, as do the universities and public schools under the control of Democrat school boards.  This is not a formula for a “diverse” country’s success or for social stability.

I still believe that.  Wherever you see towers of babel you see weakness.  There are no common values, no sense of nation.  It only took 300 Spartans to stop the 300,000 hodgepodge army of the Persian Empire at Thermopylae. 

But, as I am beginning to see, there is another element in the story.  The Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, and other mass immigrants entering our country are much more like traditional, heterosexual, family orientated, moral Americans than is any member of the corrupt and sexually perverse Biden Regime,  Woke university faculties, Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR or US corporations.  The reason is that the immigrants have escaped the decades long indoctrination of the American and Western peoples that Western Civilization is wrong, that white people are aversive racists hostile to “persons of color,” and to the normalization of sexual perversion, which in the Western world is no longer perversion but merely a different sexual preference, all being equal in their validity.

It is the immigrants, not insouciant brainwashed Americans, who have not been indoctrinated to turn away from normality.  In Glendale, California, it was Armenian immigrant families whose fury at the public school board for holding “pride events,” that is, queer, sexual perversion events, exploded in anger and beat the crap out of the Antifa thugs who had come to support the school board’s indoctrination of school children with sexual perversion. 

The cops had to be called to rescue the Antifa thugs from Armenian  immigrants, and, true to the ruling Democrat establishment’s agenda of fomenting sexual perversion, the dumbshit cops showed up, arresting the defenders of normality and not the violators of normality.

This is America today, a country that has lost its soul.

The same response from immigrants occurred in deep blue state Montgomery County, Maryland, a Democrat political entity corrupt beyond any possibility of redemption.  In Democrat Montgomery County it was Muslims who appeared in force against the indoctrination of their children into accepting perversity as normal. The Muslim families demanded the removal of their children from the classroom when the corrupt and sexual perverse Montgomery County school board held its indoctrinations of kids into its LGBTQ+ curriculum.

I am witnessing immigrants resisting the indoctrination by Democrats of their children with more force and determination that the insouciant, uninvolved, go-along-to-get-along white Americans many of whom have abandoned their children in order to hold on to their jobs.  

So I wonder if we shouldn’t open the borders wider and overwhelm the morally, spiritually, politically, and sexually corrupt American Establishment with an influx of unindoctrinated people prepared to stand up to the Satanic forces ruling Americans.

If we could  get 50 million orthodox Muslims here or 50 million orthodox Christian Russians, we could possibly save ourselves from the evil that is destroying America.

If our Founding Fathers are correct, the values they endorsed are universal and appeal to all ethnicities.  Perhaps our salvation is that the values of the Founding Fathers have universal appeal, and the loss of commitment by Democrats is offset by that of the new arrivals. 

If the news reports I have studied, which are the basis for this article are true, it is immigrants uncorrupted by Western education who might save accountable government and the rule of law–the two achievements that justify the West’s existence. Immigrants are protected by their status of  “oppressed people of color” and can reject indoctrination without being labeled “domestic terrorists” and persecuted like disenfranchised Trump supporters.

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