Tyranny Is Unleashed: The Death of Free Speech, Truth, and the Rule of Law

Tyranny Is Unleashed:  The Death of Free Speech, Truth, and the Rule of Law

Paul Craig Roberts

A Delaware Superior Court Judge, Eric M. Davis, has ruled for Dominion election machines that Fox News reporting of evidence of election fraud in the last presidential election is false.  In other words, on his own authority Davis has negated the evidence.  Having disposed of the evidence by edict, he has given a go-ahead to Dominion’s law suit against Fox News for defamation.  We are witnessing the  abuse of law to enforce the official narrative of the election, a narrative disproved by evidence presented by many experts.  In other words, Davis is using his court to punish those who report news unfavorable to official narratives.  Davis’ ruling signals the end of truth and free speech in the United States.  https://americanliberty.news/media/judge-rules-dominions-lawsuit-against-fox-news-can-go-to-trial/phouck/2023/03/?utm_campaign=rr  

Davis’ ruling opens the door for any and all reporting that is false or objectionable to official narratives to be open to defamation suits or other claims.  For example, the insistent and widespread reporting by the print and TV media and by NPR that the Covid “vaccine” is safe and effective.  We now know that it is neither, and many died and were injured by the “vaccine.”  Will other judges permit lawsuits against the media for falsely reporting that the vaccine is safe and effective, or will they rule that the experts who have exposed the danger of the “vaccine” are defaming the pharmaceutical companies?

The ruling by Judge Davis will serve either to stifle news reporting or to ensure no challenges to official narratives.

Meanwhile the presstitutes proceed with their use of news as a weapon against Donald Trump and his supporters.  Rather than explain the highly questionable indictment of Trump which has been challenged by legal experts such as Alan Dershowitz, the presstitutes provide polls that allegedly show that a plurality of the public supports the indictment of Trump. The plurality, not a majority, is reached because 80% of Democrats want to get Trump at all cost, including the law.  In other words, the hatred of Trump created by the presstitutes becomes grounds for convicting him not on the evidence but on the emotions of Democrats.  https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/poll-plurality-public-supports-trump-indictment/story?id=98288448 

This signals the end of the rule of law.  Tyranny has been unleashed.

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