Does America Have a Future?

Does America Have a Future?

Paul Craig Roberts

In this article I  explain  why I think nuclear war is in the cards.  I know that most do not want to hear this.  But if no one knows, there is even less chance of preventing  it.

The headline yesterday (March 29) is “US To Withhold Nuclear Weapons Data From Russia As Last Treaty Collapses.” 

Washington’s propagandists, of course, blame Russia.  This succeeds with patriots who wrap themselves in the flag, but it doesn’t succeed with the Kremlin.  The Kremlin sees Washington taking another step toward war to obliterate the Russian obstacle to Washington’s world hegemony.

Looking at Russia’s puzzling conduct of its conflict with Ukraine, and now with NATO and the US, I have been seeking an explanation that makes sense.  Why, as readers know I have been asking, does the Kremlin refuse to use the force to quickly end the conflict before Washington and its NATO puppets become too involved to let go?  It made no sense until I realized that the Kremlin has been convinced by Washington’s neoconservatives that war with the US is inevitable, which, of course, means nuclear war.

The Kremlin is likely concerned that if Russia uses the conventional force at her disposal to knock out Ukraine, the result could be a US/NATO direct intervention prior to Russia having in place larger numbers of its hypersonic nuclear missiles and its S-500 and S-550 air defense systems which have the ability to intercept and destroy Washington’s nuclear missiles.  Unlike Russia’s hypersonic missiles that randomly change course and cannot be intercepted, Washington’s technically inferior missiles can be downed.

My conclusion is that the Kremlin, convinced by Washington’s neoconservatives and their domination of every US government in the 21st century that the US intends the destruction of  Russia, is preparing for nuclear war. Several times Putin has made the public statement that it is clear that the West intends Russia’s destruction.  It is incomprehensible that Washington is so reckless, so irresponsible, so utterly stupid as to have convinced the Kremlin that Washington intends Russia’s destruction.  It is extraordinary that Putin’s statements produced no reassurances from the White House.

When Russia is prepared, the US and the capitals of its NATO puppets face annihilation.

Try to comprehend the enormous failure of US foreign policy to have led Russia to such a desperate conclusion.  Here you can see the consequence of the hubris and arrogance, of which I have written at length, of the totally unrealistic neoconservatives who have control of US policy.

I don’t see any way out of this.  The neoconservatives have control of all the principal agencies of government–the National Security Council, the Pentagon, the Department of State.  They control the US media, the think tanks, and the foundations.  Not even the Republicans oppose them.  Republican Senator Jim Risch, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declared on March 29 that “I’m all in for escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine.  If the US doesn’t escalate, Risch says, we will lose.  It is about winning or losing, not about surviving.  Clearly Risch indicates that Congress has no concept of the real risk in the situation. 

The Kremlin has sized it up and is preparing to eliminate the enemy that intends the destruction of Russia.  

What can be done?  The Kremlin no longer believes or trusts Washington, so no assurances that this is all a mistake, even if forthcoming, would be believed by the Russians. 

Perhaps if every neoconservative was fired from the government, Russophobic think tanks closed, and the military/security complex permitted a president to be elected who immediately went to Moscow, agreed to the restoration of all the broken agreements and pulled NATO off of Russian borders, nuclear war could be prevented.

But can you imagine Washington doing such a thing?  It would require leadership that Americans have not seen for a very long time.  It would require comprehension in Congress and in the public, and there is no media or experts to instill comprehension.

Enjoy your life.  Quit worrying about the future. The neoconservatives have assured that you don’t have one.

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