The Truth About Ivermectin

The Truth About Ivermectin

Paul Craig Roberts

This article explains why Ivermectin is both preventative and cure for Covid and a variety of debilitating illnesses: 

There is no doubt whatsoever about this.  Hydroxychloroquine is also an effective treatment in the early stages of Covid infection.

Fauci, NIH, CDC, and the Big Pharma dependent medical establishment lied through their teeth, claiming falsely that only toxic doses of Ivermectin could combat Covid virus.  Even today, despite the evidence of clinical practice as well as experiments, NIH and CDC pretend that “more study is needed.”  Medical researchers on Big Pharma’s payroll continue to try to concoct flawed “studies” to discredit Ivermectin.

Both NIH and CDC are pretend “public health agencies” connected to patents and profits with Big Pharma.  Their incentive is to protect Big Pharma profits, not the public’s health.  It was necessary to block Ivermectin’s use, because the presence of a cure would have prevented the emergency use authorization of what has turned out to be a highly dangerous and often deadly experimental, unapproved Covid “vaccine.” The bottom line is that people had to die in order that Big Pharma and its executives could make billions of dollars in profits and performance bonuses.

Those “public officials” who do the most for Big Pharma are rewarded by the pharmaceutical companies with high-paying jobs.  Integrity has disappeared not only from Wall Street, the FBI, federal prosecutors and military contractors but also from public health institutions. Fauci gets an additional six figures of income every year from Big Pharma in addition to his public salary, the largest of all federal employees including the president of the US.

Even today corporate medicine, such as  ascension Sacred Heart, forbids the doctors it employs from prescribing Ivermectin for Covid treatment and prevention.  Corporate medicine is firmly under Big Pharma’s thumb. Corporate medicine will let you die before it will harm Big Pharma’s profits.

Few Americans comprehend that the purpose of ObamaCare was to drive doctors out of private practice and turn them into employees stripped of the ability to treat patients in keeping with their own judgment.  This allowed Fauci, acting for Big Pharma, to impose Covid treatment protocols that prevented doctors in corporate medicine from curing their patients of Covid.  People died, not because of Covid, but because its efficacious  treatment was prevented for the sake of Big Pharma profits.

From the article:

“On Aug. 26,  2021, the CDC sent an emergency warning against using ivermectin; a few weeks later, the American Medical Association and affiliated associations called for an end to ivermectin use.

“Many doctors were thus discouraged from using ivermectin, and pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions. State health agencies warned against using ivermectin, and medical boards removed the medical licenses of doctors who prescribed ivermectin, alleging “misinformation.”

“Yet using the FDA’s statement against ivermectin to ban its use in COVID-19 cases would be considered an overreach. Since the FDA approved ivermectin in 1996, this made the drug acceptable for off-label use.

“’The fact that it’s not FDA approved for COVID is irrelevant because the FDA endorses the use of off-label drugs at the clinician’s discretion.”

As the Covid “vaccine” itself is a killer, the combination of withholding effective treatment and injecting with a killer vaccine account for the death toll of the “Covid pandemic.” 

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