The “Trump Insurrection” — a Fantasy that Did Not Happen

The “Trump Insurrection” — a Fantasy that Did Not Happen

Paul Craig Roberts

On October 11, FBI Special Agent Justin Eller testified at the seditious conspiracy trial of four Oath Keepers in federal court.  An attorney for the defense asked Eller if in the Oath Keepers’ communications that he reviewed there was any indication that the Oath Keepers intended to storm the Capitol or stop the certification of the stolen presidential election.  He answered “no” to both questions.

In other words, the FBI and the federal prosecutor had no evidence in support of the charges against the Oath Keepers who were on trial.

Today this is commonplace in America. 

Before we go further, let us establish the identity of Oath Keepers.  According to the whore media they are far rightwing white supremacists who are a threat to American democracy.  But in actual fact they seem to be for the most part military veterans who swore the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  As the Oath Keepers were formed for that purpose, why, if they are Oath Keepers, would they violate their oath by conspiring against the United States?

The Democrats know, as does the whore media, that the Democrats stole the last presidential election. The presstitute mantra that “there is no evidence of a stolen election” is demonstrably false from the hard evidence and its presentation by many independent experts.  But as the presstitutes say it is not so, it is not so.

People do not know because the whore media have not told them that prior to the vote certification that was to be held on January 6, dissenting Republicans had an opportunity to present evidence that the vote was fraudulent.  The Democrats used the “insurrection” that they orchestrated with federal agents to prevent the presentation of the evidence of electoral fraud.

This suited Rino Republicans such as Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, who, himself being a member of the Washington Establishment, was both threatened and outraged by Trump’s assault on the Washington Establishment. Rino McConnell was instrumental in using the orchestrated “insurrection” to break up the vote certification before the evidence of fraud could be presented.

If Oath Keepers are aligned with Trump against the Establishment, which is the case, why would they act to prevent the presentation of the evidence that the election was stolen?  It makes no sense.  In other words, the Oath Keepers had no motive for the behavior for which they are on trial.

As the joint party Establishment and its media whores control the explanations, few Americans are aware that the allegedly vote certification session that Oath Keepers are accused of disrupting was also a certification to determine whether the election was fraudulent.  It was the presentation of evidence of electoral fraud that was blocked by using the cover of a “Trump Insurrection.”

An insurrection needs insurrectionists.  The Democrats had none to put on trial except the federal agents at the Capitol who tried to incite incidents while President Trump addressed the rally at the Washington Monument a mile or more away.  How could there be an insurrection at the Capitol when the Trump supporters were attending a rally at the Washington Monument?  

The whore media, of course, never asked this question. And neither did federal prosecutors prosecuting innocent people.

Where did the Democrats get the needed “insurrectionists”?

They got them from social media, cell phone, and email providers who turned over to the FBI social media messages and emails that indicated who attended the Trump rally.  Americans who attended the rally were designated “potential insurrectionists.”  Those who filtered down to the Capitol became the “insurrectionists.” The  “Trump Insurrection” was the first unarmed insurrection in history.

According to media reports there are 600 “Trump insurrectionists” serving prison sentences.  The worse offense seems to have been to take your photo sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and posting it on social media, clearly a non-intelligent thing to do, but hardly an indication of insurrection.

Some of the imprisoned insurrectionists copped a plea, so the Democrats use these “confessions” as proof that there was a Trump insurrection.  But in America today all sorts of people cop a plea, both the innocent and the guilty.  The reason is that defending oneself is extremely expensive and fraught with high risk. Few defendants have the financial means or toleration of risk to face a jury trial.  In times past juries were protective of defendants; today juries are wrapped around the prosecutors’s finger.

 Those without resources are dependent on government subsidized public defenders.  Public defenders who defend their clients are not assigned clients by the system as they waste prosecutors and judges’ time in jury trials when the system wants cases quickly disposed of with plea bargains.  The incentive of public defendants is to encourage their clients to cop a plea. 

Defense attorneys’ convincing argument to their clients is that if you demand a jury trial, you face these problems that your attorney can do nothing about.  First, you make problems for the prosecutor, whose career and political aspirations depend on his conviction rate. Trials take time, during which the prosecutor could have achieved numerous plea bargain convictions, thus boosting his all important conviction tally. The prosecutor can respond to your refusal to cop a plea by enlarging the criminal accusations against you. Prosecutors have the ability to hire people to testify falsely against you.  If the prosecutor wants you as an addition to his conviction rate, I cannot help you.  Let me make a plea for you that will get you off lightly compared to the sentence you will get if you go to trial. Your innocence aside, you are going to jail regardless.  The only question is for how long.  I can shorten your imprisonment if you cooperate with me.

This is the way American “justice” works.  It works the same way for rich and poor.  The same thing happened to billionaire Michael Milken, to billionaire Leona Helmsley, and to centi-millionaire Martha Stewart. They were all falsely accused, they all had the best and most prestigious attorneys, and they were all convicted and went to prison, Milken with a plea bargain and Helmsley with a trial.  And their prosecutor, Rudy Giuliana, used their high profile convictions  to become Mayor of New York.

Second, protesting your innocence you make problems for the judge whose docket is already full and crowded. You are making the judge’s life stressful by making him have a trial that might take a week or longer while his docket builds.

Third, you have close to zero chance with a jury.  Juries composed of brainwashed Americans who see themselves threatened  by crime are predisposed, unless black, to believe the prosecutor, and if the defendant is white, the blacks on the jury are all predisposed to convicting him for being a racist.  It would be interesting to know how many white defendants have been found innocent by black jurors.

In short, a jury trial angers prosecutor, judge, and your defense counsel who wants to collect his fee and move on to to his next fee by having you cooperate with the system.  Plea bargains are so prevalent that according to the US Department of Justice, 96% of felony cases are resolved by plea bargains.

The plea bargain that the defendant has to make does not have to have anything whatsoever to do with the charges that are the basis for his indictment.  He can be accused of A and confess to B.  All the prosecutor and judge need in order to avoid a time-consuming trial is an admission to something.  Some years ago I read that most people in prison are there on charges that are not in their original indictment. They were in prison on plea bargains that provided shorter sentences in exchange for admitting to offenses that were not even charged in the original indictments.

In the Unites States “justice” is a weapon to discipline and to punish people who are out of step with official narratives.  The Oath Keepers are out of step, because they point to the erosion of the US Constitution, still a governing, though much weakened, document. 

In the United States, the British Isles, and Europe the presstitutes can destroy anyone–even a President of the United States–by printing lies about him.  Look at what has happened to Trump.  Look at what has happened to Julian Assange.  Look at what has happened to the medical scientists and doctors who were on the side of the people instead of on the side of Big Pharma and its marketing agents such as Fauci, Biden, NIH, CDC, FDA.

In the Western world today nothing is based on truth.  Facts are inconvenient for the ruling elites and are discarded in George Orwell’s 1984  Memory Hole.

The failure of the American people to correct the situation on November 8 and the success the Democrats have had in stealing another election tells us that the only future Americans and the entire Western world face is tyranny.

In America it is only patriots who are persecuted.  Voters in Pennsylvania, if the election was not stolen, actually elected a US Senator who wants to release the criminals from prison.  It is not the innocents wrongly convicted that he wants to release, it is the real criminals who rob, rape, and murder.

Before America lost its way, who would ever have thought that Americans would elect a US Senator who believes that it is robbers, rapists, and murderers who are abused and not their victims.

Sodom and Gomorrah was once regarded as the epitome of evil, but not today.  Sodom and Gomorrah pales in comparison to the evil that rules the West today.

And the Russians still place hopes in “negotiations” with the Evil Empire.  How can such a self-deceived people as Russians survive?

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