Medical Officials Are Among the Most Corrupt and Most Criminal People on Earth

Medical Officials Are Among the Most Corrupt and Most Criminal People on Earth

They are owned by Big Pharma

Paul Craig Roberts

The incompetent or corrupt Maine medical licensing board, in my opinion a hired shill for Big Pharma, suspended Dr. Meryl Nass, a top level expert on Corona viruses, for curing Covid patients with FDA approved HCQ and Ivermectin.  The obviously incompetent Maine licensing board regards Nass to be in violation of Fauci’s protocol which required doctors to let patients die rather than treat them with Ivermectin and HCQ.  A Maine attorney general questioned Dr. Nass and tried to create the false impression that she violated informed consent.  Dr. Nass and her lawyer would have none of his insinuations.  The attorney general’s behavior suggests to me that he also is a paid shill for Fauci and Big Pharma.  I regard his questioning as dishonest, and it suggests to me that he has no integrity.

What appears to be the process is that a hireling of Big Pharma files a complaint that a doctor, who is curing patients or providing correct information in interviews and on internet sites of how to prevent and cure Covid, is spreading misinformation. The alleged misinformation  is not specified or identified.  It is a vague undefined complaint.  Regardless, the medical licensing boards accept the hearsay complaint, convene and suspend the doctor’s medical license, thus halting the curing of patients and maximizing the Covid death rate.  This is what has been going on during the entire Covid period.  In other words, medical officials helped to maximize the death rate, thereby the fear rate, thereby the vaccination rate, thereby Big Pharma’s profit rate.  This is what the Covid pandemic is about.  What it means is that we can have ZERO CONFIDENCE IN MEDICAL OFFICIALS.

Here is a video of Dr. Nass being questioned by a Maine attorney general trying to cast aspersion on her and then by her own lawyer in order to bring out the real facts.  If the American people stand for this level of corrupt practices by medical licensing boards, the American people are dead meat. 

Dr. Nass and her lawyer think that facts will prevail, but facts have no more to do with the outcomes of American justice than they did in the death sentences given to Soviet geneticists and to Bukharin whose show trials were used to enforce a false narrative.  In the Western world today, false narratives rule while people who state facts and attend rallies are prosecuted.

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