The Last White Person Is Slain by Diversity

The Last White Person Is Slain by Diversity

Paul Craig Roberts

A mantra of our time is that white people have “white privilege.” Here is the latest shocking example of “white privilege:”

Here is an example from Britain:

How long has it been since you have seen a corporate advertisement, or any kind of advertisement, in which there is a white couple with white children? Miscegenation is the requirement of diversity, which is a paradox as it means there will be no diversity, just a collection of brown people. Corporate advertisements increasingly consist of a black man with a white woman, or a white man with an Asian woman or sometimes a hispanic woman. The heads of corporations and the talking heads on TV are increasingly immigrant-invaders as are government officials, entertainers, and police. White people are being replaced in all visible forums.

The same thing is happening on university faculties and in the arts, if that is what they still are. Being an immigrant-invader, if you are also anti-white, raises your chance of being being recognized as a successful author.

White replacement in white countries is a fact. It is far advanced, but you are not allowed to mention it because if you do anything to defend white people from their intended “replacement,” an euphemism for annihilation, it proves you are a racist white supremacist who, with the rest of your ilk, will soon be “a distant memory.”

Moshin Hamid, a real privileged person, an immigrant-invader rewarded with admissions to Princeton University and Harvard Law School, has just published his fifth novel, The Last White Man. In short, white people cease to exist . We all turn brown.

The white liberals, of course, praise the immigrant-invader all over the media for describing the apocalypse “long feared by white supremacists” from which arises “a post-racial world.” You get it? Once whites are over and done with, so is racism as only whites can be racist. If you are an American white liberal, there is nothing racist about Antifa and Black Lives Matter looting white businesses and burning down white business sections of American cities. That is just restitution for white racism.

Hamid, Pakistani born, is beset with eulogisms from media presstitutes for telling a story told a half century ago by Jean Raspail in The Camp of the Saints (you can read it here: ), the difference being that Hamid, welcomed into white America via Princeton and Harvard, approves the disappearance, as do his reviewers, of all white ethnicities, whereas Raspail saw in it the destruction of a culture and a shrinking of diversity.

White people, being the brainwashed, stupid, hapless, insouciant fools that they are, have not caught on that “diversity” means the white races are erased. Indeed, judging by the immigration policies of white ethnic states, if democracy does indeed govern, a majority of whites prefer their erasure.

Another favored author by white liberals is J.R. Ramakrishnan. White liberals are swooning over his explanation that immigrant-invader takeover of the Western world is “a form of reparations for what has been wrought [by white demons] on the Global South.”

There is no doubt in my mind that the NY banks and their IMF protector have ruined every third world country stupid enough, or whose government was corrupt enough, to be paid to take a loan that could not be serviced or repaid. The consequence being that the IMF imposed austerity on the indebted country and forced the sale of its assets to foreign owners. This has happened over and over, but it is not because of “white racism.” It is because of capitalist greed and the greed for bribes by third world governments.

The Western bankers do the same thing to white Western countries. Greece, as I last heard is a “white” country, part of the “exploitative Western world.” Only a few years ago Greece was treated the same way as the “Global South.” Bribes were paid to the Greek government to take a loan that could be neither serviced nor repaid. Foreclosure loomed. The Greek government was forced to cut employment, health and education budgets in order to free up government revenues to pay its German and EU creditors and to sell its protected islands to foreign real estate interests. The austerity imposed on the Greek population was so severe that Greek women were forced into prostitution in order to survive.

Clearly what happened to Greece is the same as what happened to Ramakrishnan’s ” Global South,”and it had nothing whatsoever to do with racism.

The problem we face is not racism. The problem is that the weakening by design of the Christian religion in the Western world has unleashed Satanic evil, and the West has failed to confront and constrain evil.

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