Washington’s Aggression and the Kremlin’s Restraint Are Leading to Armageddon

Washington’s Aggression and the Kremlin’s Restraint Are Leading to Armageddon

Paul Craig Roberts

The Kremlin continues to invite more provocations that are leading to war.  Indoctrinated Western peoples do not realize how liberal the Kremlin is.  Russia, alone among the powerful countries, has taken it upon herself to uphold the international rule of law and adherence to business contracts and state agreements.  In a way this is commendable, but in a way the Kremlin’s adherence to legalisms no longer honored by the West is dangerous for Russia and for the world.

Washington operates by its own ever-changing rules and could not care less about legalisms.  For Washington, law is whatever furthers Washington’s interests.

The mind of a liberal is a mind of a person who is convinced that he is doing the right thing.  His belief in the righteousness of his behavior makes him blind to its consequences.  The Kremlin remains blind to the consequences of  its endless toleration of insults and provocations, of its hesitancy, of its weak responses.  The West sees in the Kremlin’s ready acceptance of indignities uncertainty, indecision, lack of will, and turns up the provocations.  The Kremlin’s behavior encourages and provokes the aggressive Western behavior that is leading to Armageddon. Putin talks tough but his actions are weak. Washington’s provocations have reached the point where Washington is directly engaged in war against Russia. Washington provides not only long range rocket systems to Ukraine, which will require Russian forces to enlarge the area of conquest in order to protect Donbass civilians from constant attack and thus widen the conflict, but also  provides targeting information and personnel to operate the HIMARS system. https://www.rt.com/news/558964-russian-foreign-ministry-ukraine-himars-civilians/ 

It is the West that is aggressive, not Russia, and this is one source of the mounting danger of the conflict. The other source is the Kremlin’s acceptance of the West’s aggression.  The Kremlin has been accepting Western aggression since 2007 when Putin called it out.  Whereas Putin put it on notice, he has continued to accommodate Western aggression.  This is the problem.

The question is: how much more will Putin accommodate?  The ruling Zionist neoconservatives and the Biden Democrats think Putin will tolerate insults and provocations until his regime collapses internally. A leader of a country at war who continues to supply those killing his soldiers with energy that makes their war participation possible seems to be more aligned with the enemy than with the country he leads.  NATO involvement would never have occurred if the Kremlin had turned off all energy supplies to the West at the first indication of Western involvement in the conflict.  This raises the question:  Does the Kremlin value legalisms more than the lives of its soldiers?

This is Putin’s problem:  How long can he accept provocations before he  appears  to Russians as a weak and indecisive leader?  And thus liberalism will have claimed another victim.  Or will provocations continue until Washington crosses one red line too many and unleashes Armageddon?


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