The British Government Has Flushed Honor

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The British Government Has Flushed Honor

As Putin says, the British government is nothing but an American lackey

Paul Craig Roberts

The British are now ruled by their former colonial lackeys. An Indian who is the British Home Secretary has ruled, as he was ordered to do, the extradition of a foreign national who is not a citizen of the country extraditing him or a citizen of the country requesting his extradition. India, long an English colony, has some idea of British justice, but Priti Patel does not sufficiently appreciate the essence of British justice to be able to defend it. One can say that neither did the judges on the British courts who approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the US where Washington wants him for revenge. Britain, it seems, is no longer British, and America is no longer American.

Julian Assange has committed no crime in Britain, where he was held for years without charges in complete and total violation of habeas corpus for no other reason than Washington’s ability to control British “justice.” Assange has committed no crime in the US. He is a citizen of Australia. Yet he is being charged with treason against the US because as a journalist he did the same thing that Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times did in 1971. He published leaked information that showed the US government knowingly committed and covered up war crimes and knowingly kept secret its deception of its gullible, trusting dumbshit allies who are without any doubt a pathetic bunch unable to act independently of Washington. Nothing happened to Ellsberg, because in those days the US Constitution and the First Amendment had more authority than embarrassed government officials–criminals actually who should be in prison. Today the corrupt, criminal government officials, backed up by their media whores, have far more authority than the US Constitution. Watching the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NPR, the BBC lambast Julian Assange as a “Russian agent” made it clear that the freedom of the press was no longer a value of the Anglo-American press.

It is not a value of elected and appointed government officials either. As far as I can tell not a single sitting Western government believes in the principles of a free people and a free society. Vengeance, not law, rules in the West. As the illegal Covid protocols proved, the governments of the “free world” now order their citizens around with the same disregard of their rights as dictators do.

Edward Snowden, who had to flee America because he leaked evidence that the US government is illegally spying on its citizens, says that Assange’s extradition shows that there is nothing left of any meaningful aspect of Western freedom. We are free to commit all sorts of sexually depraved acts, but we cannot speak freely or hold government accountable. A man is free to claim that he is a woman, but he cannot safely reveal government crimes or misbehavior. He can’t, even if he is the most authoritative medical scientist in the world, challenge the Covid protocols without punishment.

We are handed narratives that serve secret agendas, and we are not permitted to question them. This is the hallmark of a totalitarian system. Totalitarian systems are now what exist everywhere in the Western world. Freedom, except for sexual perversion, exists nowhere in the Western world. Today in American universities, supposedly fonts of free inquiry, tenured professors are fired for using gender pronouns. People are excluded from social media if they disagree that a sexually fully equipped male is a female by self-declaration or if they disagree that the Covid vaccination is safe. This is still the case even though the court-ordered release of Pfizer documents prove beyond all doubt that the vaccine is, and was known to be prior to its use, deadly.

So as Pontius Pilate delivered Jesus to the Jews, the British Home Secretary has delivered an honest journalist to the criminal American government officials he exposed. Vengeance, said the Indian Priti Patel speaking for Britain, rules. Not law. Not justice. British honor is gone with the wind.

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