Another orchestrated health crisis in the works?

Another orchestrated health crisis in the works?

Paul Craig Roberts

The corrupt public health officials in the Western world, who are shills for Big Pharma as they share in the profits of the drugs that they approve, are about to inflict on humanity a worst castrophe than the Covid vaccine.  They are considering using smallpox vaccine to protect against monkeypox.  The New York Times, dependent as it is on pharmaceutical advertising, will support the next wave of orchestrated “health crisis” in service to vaccination profit.

Although complicit public health officials and Big Pharma will not admit it, many distinguished independent scientists have concluded that the Covid vaccine leaves the vaccinated immunocompromised.  The smallpox vaccine was always dangerous even to those with good immune systems.  The result of giving smallpox vaccine to the immunocompromised could be to give them smallpox and thus reinfect the human population with a far more dangerous virus than Covid and monkeyvirus. 

The reason public health is threatened is not because of Covid or monkeypox or any other illness.  Public health is endangered because public health authorities are marketing agents for pharmaceutical companies, and members of Congress are dependent on campaign contributions from Big Pharma for their reelections.  Those who are supposed to be watching out for the public’s health are instead watching out for their own interests.  This is why Covid with its masks, lockdowns, and untested vaccine was a catastrophe.

No one has explained why and how monkeypox, a problem in a small area of Africa, suddenly appeared all at once all over the Western world.  Was the virus released in order to continue vaccination profits and to further the pandemic controls that are on the verge of being handed to the World Health Organization? 

Are we about to experience another fear campaign?  Or is something even more evil in the works—population control by infecting the immunocompromised with smallpox?

The gullibility of Western peoples and the mendacity of their rulers is enormous.  No evil is beyond the likes of a Fauci.  The public has a perfect record of falling for every fear and brainwashing campaign.  Are we to expect another “health crisis” in the middle of a war in Ukraine that could widen, rising food and energy prices, rising national indebtedness, open European and American borders to immigrant-invaders whose care imposes high costs on European and American populations that cannot trust their own governments and whose living standards are falling?

Smallpox vaccination ceased four decades ago when the disease was wiped out.  Older generations who were vaccinated against smallpox are probably immune to monkeypox. Younger generations are not.  Most at risk are those whose immune systems have been compromised by the mRNA vaccines.

Here is some good solid information with which to arm yourself against the forthcoming lies from the New York Times and the rest of the presstitutes and from the many shills for Big Pharma.  Try not to be panicked a second time before we recover from the first: 

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