When Whites Became an Endangered Species

When Whites Became an Endangered Species

Paul Craig Roberts 

When the Sun reappeared after the nuclear winter that followed the 21st century’s nuclear war, no life was left in what formerly was Europe, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  Japanese no longer existed.  The only white-skinned people were Russian and American/European expatriates living in South America, Africa, Thailand and other parts of Asia.  

Wildlife organizations designated white people “an endangered species.”  The few remnants outside Russia, now the world power with China, were rounded up and put in zoos.  Programs were developed to breed them and reintroduce white people into their former territories once the radiation subsided. Russians were designated “non-white” as they lived for centuries under Asiatic  rule. “Scratch a Russian, find a Tarter (Mongol)” sufficed for one of the ruling powers to escape the designation of White.

Because of the American neoconservatives’ responsibility for the nuclear war, gentile whites, when it should have been Zionist Jews, were blamed for the war for their pursuit of American hegemony. There were fierce debates whether preserving the white race was sensible or even permissible, considering their crimes documented by the New York Times’ 1619 Project, the curriculums of Harvard, Yale and the Ivy League universities, and the Western media’s insistence that all white persons are “racists.”  Many objected that preserving the white race was the same as preserving Adolf Hitler.  

 Whites are the people who, according to their own school texts, written by white people and adopted by white school boards, were responsible for enslaving black people, for oppressing women, homosexuals,  transgendered people, and people incapable of knowing their own gender. White people were guilty of using gender pronouns, which unfairly limited gender to male and female, a limitation on the species so old as to be biblical.

The relatively few whites who had been living as repatriated lords in lesser parts of the world now found themselves akin to animals subject to zoo keepers.  Would they survive as an endangered species or be eliminated as a dangerous species?  The richer ones who had gold coins in their personal possession lobbied for laws in the jurisdictions in which they lived that preserved them as an endangered species.  In Africa the blacks bred the whites for slaves.  

Russia and China, being the hegemonic powers, made the decision that white people would be declared an endangered species as it would be a century and more before their diminished numbers could result in a population of any size.  Over this time whites would be educated into permanent self-doubt like the Americans did to the Germans in the 20th century.

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