Russia Has a First Rate Military But Is Incompetent On Every Other Front

Russia Has a First Rate Military But Is Incompetent On Every Other Front

Paul Craig Roberts

I have warned many times that Russia’s go-slow war can result in wider war.  The longer the war, the more opportunity for the Western idiots to blunder into it. Scott Ridder agrees with me:

“So what’s going on right now is an effort by NATO to flex its muscles to convince itself that it has the ability to stand up to Russia. So, they are mobilizing these forces in what I call a “feel good” operation. The forces are insufficient to meaningfully confront Russia, but they are sufficient to look good on paper and make NATO feel good about itself. The danger in this is if NATO is flexing in the mirror and gets too impressed with what they are seeing to believe that they have actual genuine military capacity, then they seek to use this.”

“There are ongoing discussions in Brussels right now in the emergency summit that NATO has convened about the possibility of putting NATO’s peacekeeping forces into western Ukraine. You know, this is insanity. Under any circumstances, NATO does not have the ability to do this and prevail. But again, they’ve assembled these forces, they’re looking in the mirror, they think they like what they see and they think that there’s real muscle there. And, who knows, they may be compelled to believe that they have more capability than they really do and try to project these forces in the west of Ukraine, in which case there will be, unfortunately, a military clash between NATO and Russia.”

“If someone had asked me at the beginning of the Russian incursion into Ukraine what are the odds of NATO getting involved? I would say zero because NATO had made it clear that it was not going to get involved in any fight between Ukraine and Russia on Ukrainian territory. But as this conflict goes on, as millions and millions of Ukrainians seek refuge in NATO countries, we’re now looking at an economic and humanitarian catastrophe for NATO. And there are now people talking about not just imposing a no-fly zone, but actually putting NATO peacekeepers on the ground in western Ukraine.”

“So far, sanity has prevailed and the no-fly zone has been rejected. But I think the longer that this crisis goes on, the more refugees appear at the border, the more refugees that are being taken in by NATO nations, the more likely it is that somebody in NATO is going to think that putting so-called peacekeeping forces in western Ukraine is a good idea. If that happens, suddenly we go from zero chance of a conflict between NATO and Russia to a 100 percent chance of a conflict between NATO and Russia. Right now, I would say it’s fifty-fifty.”–this-is-insanity-us-military-expert-says-1094185004.html 


Lavrov Finally Realizes that the West Has Declared a Hybrid ‘Total War’ on Russia

“Today a real hybrid war, a ‘total war’ has been declared against us. This term, which was used by Nazi Germany, is now used by many European politicians when they explain what they want to do to the Russian Federation. And their goals are not hidden: to destroy, to break, to strangle the Russian economy, and Russia as a whole.”

Will Russia continue to negotiate or will she fight back? 


Corrupt European puppet governments have breached contracts with Russia by imposing sanctions and the EU complains that Russia’s billing for energy in rubles breaches the contract  

The West has stolen $300 billion of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves and the Kremlin still supplies Europe with energy.  By supplying her enemies, Russia shows weakness which encourages more aggressive sanctions and now the prospect of NATO troops in Western Ukraine. 


Russia restricts assets of ‘unfriendly’ states

It has taken the incompetent Russian central bank ONE MONTH to do what should have been immediately done.  The inexplicable delay convinced the West of Russian weakness and irresolution, resulting in more dangerous moves by the West against Russia. 

The reality is that the Kremlin has saved Ukrainian lives at the risk of a wider and far more bloody war.

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