In Case You Care to Know What Is Really Going On

In Case You Care to Know What Is Really Going On

Putin is catching on

Putin Orders Ruble Payments for Energy  

But he has a way to go

When will Putin realize that Russian default on loans is the proper response to the seizure of Russian assets?  Russia would have to be extremely foolish to borrow another cent from the West.  Therefore, why protect access to foreign borrowing by continuing to service foreign debt? As the West has already stolen Russia’s money, Russia should walk away from the debt, which it was a strategic blunder of the highest order for Russia to have contracted.

Lavrov is catching on

“This all is about removing the obstacle in the form of Russia on the way to building a unipolar world… This is not about Ukraine, this is about a world order in which the United States wants to be the sole sovereign and dominate.”

“Our Polish colleagues have already stated that there will be a NATO summit, and peacekeepers should be sent. I hope they understand what they are talking about. This will be the very direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces, which everyone wants to avoid.”

“The Americans proceed from the fact that it is unprofitable for them if this process is completed quickly. They expect to continue pumping weapons into Ukraine.”

Sanctions are destroying dollar as world currency

IMF says Washington’s illegal seizure of Russia’s reserves is causing “increasing fragmentation” in the global payments system, causing some countries to move away from the dollar.

Sanctions destroying influence of Washington’s Russian allies

Anatoly Chubais, Atlanticist Integrationist excrement, has resigned his position as presidential aide for sustainable development and fled Russia.  

Good riddence says Russia.

Chubais is the Russian traitor who sold out Russia to the West during the Yeltsin years.  He plunged millions into poverty while helping a few oligarchs and the West seize Russia’s assets.  For reasons no one understands, Putin kept him on in lesser positions instead of having him shot.

The “Victorious Ukrainian Forces” sre trying to escape by dressing up as women

Here are the Ukrainian Nazis that, according to US Secretary of Defense, are on the verge of Defeating the Russian army:–video-1094115798.html 


Dumbshit Americans Prefer Racial Preferences Above Justice

The Supreme Court is already a joke. Now they want to make it a laughing stock. Discrediting the court is their way of removing judicial restraint on the executive branch.  Another leap into tyranny.–1094125450.html


US Secretary of Defense Sees Russian Defeat in Ukraine

The incompetent fool Biden appointed Secretary of Defense said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was stalled by valiant Ukrainian forces and that Russia was feeding its troops into a wood chipper and would soon run out of soldiers.  The Defense Secretary’s statement is 100% fantasy.

Ukraine is a no-fly zone, one established by Russia. Before Russian troops arrived, Ukrainian radar, air fields, and military infrastructure was destroyed along with the navy and air force.

The remains of the Ukrainian army are isolated and surrounded. The units have no communication and are incapable of offensive action.

The US-supported and armed neo-Nazi militias are ensconced in population centers where they are using the civilians that Putin intended to spare as shields and are blowing up the towns and cities for the Western presstitutes to blame on Russia.  As the population centers are being destroyed and civilians killed by the neo-Nazis , there is no reason for the Russians to keep to their policy of avoiding the risk to civilians of heavy weapon use.

Ukraine is cut off from the Black Sea.  It remains to be seen whether Putin, in another of those fruitless Russian good will gestures, will give the territory back to Ukraine.  Indeed, at this time no effective Ukraine government exists.  Russia is wasting its time negotiating with a non-government.

NATO bases in Western Ukraine where Russian troops are not operating have been precision weapons.  Among the casualties are US and UK military and intelligence personnel who were training Ukrainians in the use of the weapons supplied by the West.  Russia has made it clear what awaits NATO members if they get involved in the conflict.

The real puzzle is what do Western government officials and presstitute media think they are accomplishing with fantasy news reports?  Has the West reached the point in George Orwell’s 1984 where victories are claimed in a war that doesn’t exist?

Only a portion of the assembled Russian troops have been committed to the conflict. The rest are on hand to deal with any NATO intervention.

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