Biden’s “Russian Sanctions” Are Wrecking the Western Economy

Biden’s “Russian Sanctions” Are Wrecking the Western Economy

Paul Craig Roberts

This is what the White House spokes idiot Jen Psaki describes as “wrecking” the Russian economy:

The unprecedented sanctions against Russia have pushed energy costs higher in Europe and the US, driving record inflation and making it ever more expensive for farmers and truckers to fuel their machinery, afford fertilizer or keep up with other costs. In Europe, which is dependent on Russian energy and minerals, the sanctions have worsened an energy supply crunch that has driven up costs for households and businesses.

The low grade moron who dumbshit Americans allowed in the White House has managed to wreck the West with his “Russian sanctions.”  What the fool means is “sanctions against the West.”  

Exploding gasoline prices and transportation costs in Europe.

A national truckers strike in Spain.

Farmers protests in Athens.

Empty grocery shelves across Europe from transport halts.

Serge in fertilizer prices and skyrocketing food prices.

Shutdown of major car and truck plants in Europe.

And, of course, dumbshit governments warning against panic buying.

This one takes the cake:  The Swedish firm Arla will punish Russia by hurting its own revenues by stoping the sale in Sweden of its Kefir, a fermented milk drink, because the packaging has the company’s trademark onion domes that have Russian associations.

It is difficult to imagine a government as stupid as the one in Washington and puppet governments stupid enough to enable it.

Meanwhile the EU piles on more sanctions that worsen the situation for Europeans. 

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