Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World

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Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts

We are witnessing the return of Nazism, but this time throughout the entire Western World. Austria, Germany, and Italy have eliminated civil liberties more thoroughly than Hitler and Mussolini achieved. Re-nazified Germany, Austria and Italy have destroyed the doctor-patient relationship more completely than did Josef Mengele. The political leaders of resurrected Nazism are all guilty of crimes under the Nuremberg Laws.

Will the US, UK, France, and Russia again invade these Nazi countries and execute the leaders for their capital crimes? No. The US, UK, France, and Russia are doing the same thing, as are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Australia has concentration camps, not for Japanese prisoners of war but for Australian citizens suspected of having had contact with a someone infected with Covid. Everywhere in the “free” Western world, executive branch officials have shown disregard for constitutional processes by asserting legislative powers and issuing laws in the form of mandates. Parliaments and Congresses have shown their own disregard for democratic political systems by accepting the confiscation of their powers and the incorporation of the legislative function into the executive branch as happened in Rome under the Caesars.

In the United States little nazis have popped up everywhere. Corporate employers, school boards, university administrators, sports team owners, hospital administrators, mayors, and governors have revealed themselves as incipient Fuhrers issuing illegal orders: Be injected, you and your young children, with a substance that has proved itself not to protect you or anyone else against Covid or any of its variants, but is known to carry a high risk of serious injury and death, or you are fired and your career is at an end. In re-nazified Germany/Austria people are threatened with prison if they refuse to play Russian Roulette with their health. Has any previous government in history been this tyrannical? The West has achieved the supreme tyranny–your health is not up to you and your doctor. Your health is controlled by a protocol handed down by a captured regulatory agency serving only the profits of Big Pharma.

When the Soviet Union had internal passports it was seen as proof of an unfree people. Now the entire Western “free” world is faced with internal passports called Covid passports. Once these passports are in existence, every human right, every civil liberty is converted from a right to a privilege subject to government approval. All rights end. Passports are issued to compliant citizens who by their subservience gain privileges to go to restaurants, bars, sports events and other entertainment forms, and to travel and to keep their jobs. It is no longer government accountable to citizens; it is citizens accountable to government. Freedom is thus redefined as slavery as in George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia.

In the United States the only people who died from Covid were people with weakened immune systems from co-morbidities who were refused treatment with known safe treatments such as HCQ and Ivermectin which also serve as preventatives. To avoid Covid deaths, all that was necessary was to protect the vulnerable with preventative doses of HCQ or Ivermectin.

Instead, Covid infected people were interred in nursing homes full of immune-impaired elderly people. No one was treated, because the emergency use authorization given to the so-called “vaccine” required that there were no known treatments. Thus Big Pharma and the captured regulatory agencies–FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO–carried on a campaign against HCQ and Ivermectin. Both were said to be unsafe and unapproved (a double lie). False claims were published by media whores that hospitals were full of people made ill by Ivermectin, allegedly a horse medicine. Hospital administrators accepted the protocol handed to them by Fauci and Big Pharma that hospitals are to prevent any treatment with HCQ and Ivermectin regardless of doctor’s orders. The utterly corrupt American Medical Association accepted this violation of the doctor/patient relationship.

As word got out that American hospitals were paid for killing, not curing, infected patients, family members had to turn to the judiciary to get court orders to force murderous hospital administrators to permit a patient’s doctor to save his life with Ivermectin !

The question that desperately requires being investigated and answered is: Who, what agency, under what authority, with what appropriated money established the incentives for American hospitals to murder people in order to increase their revenues?

This is the greatest crime in American history. The people responsible for this should be arrested, tried, convicted, and executed. Every one of them is guilty of mass murder.

But nothing will happen, because the media will not let any truth about the Covid Deception be reported. Believe it or not, the American media is more compliant as a propaganda ministry than media was under Stalin in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet era the media developed the technique of writing so that the reader read between the lines. But in “free” America where the press is protected by the First Amendment, the decision was made that revenues were more important than truth to the media’s existence. Thus, the US print, TV, and NPR media became agents for those who provided their advertising revenues or under-the-counter payoffs.

Once again here are the Covid death and survival rates by age group of untreated Covid infected. The left column is the death rate by age, the right column is the survival rate by age. Remember, the people who died were prohibited treatment with known life-saving HCQ and Ivermectin on Fauci’s orders.

Clearly, this is not a dangerous pandemic and most certainly not one requiring the permanent destruction of accountable government achieved over centuries. Fauci and his evil ilk have thrown the entire Western World back into the era of slaves and serfs where no one has a voice except the ruler.

When you confront the fact that the destruction of Western liberty was done by a handful of two-bit totalitarian punks such as Fauci, not by tyrants of statue such as Stalin and Hitler, it reveals how hollowed out the West is due to an “educational” system that for decades has called into question every Western achievement and every western value. The public schools and universities, together with the media whores and Hollywood, set the American people up for the loss of their freedom and liberty.

Think about it. How many relatives and former friends do you have who, if you are not “vaccinated,” will have nothing to do with you, who tell you that you are selfish and do not care about others, that you risk exposing others to death and injury by not being vaccinated. This is Big Pharma’ narrative, and your former friends and relatives believe Big Pharma’s self-serving, revenue-enhancing lies and are immune to the known and published facts with which you attempt, unsuccessfully, to acquaint them.

People who are unable to think for themselves–the majority of the population–are easily brainwashed and indoctrinated. It is not a population that can defend their liberty or enforce accountable government. It is a dumbshit population that turns on those who would restore their liberty, not on those taking away their liberty.

Nevertheless, those brave few–Frontier Doctors, Doctors for Covid Ethics, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and thousands of doctors and independent scientists (those not on Big Pharma grants)–who defend liberty do so, because it is liberty they are defending. They are defending a human accomplishment–the work of a few people–that took centuries from Alfred the Great in the 9th century to the Glorious Revolution in 1680. The fact that the youth of today have never heard of Alfred the Great or the Glorious Revolution demonstrates how completely education has wiped out the accomplishments of Western history. America, indeed the entire Western World, no longer has a population enculturated into Western values.

It was this human achievement–accountable government–to which the Founding Fathers of the United States responded with the Declaration of Independence’s demands and the US Constitution’s protections.

The discrediting of these founding documents has been the primary function of American education for decades. Today we see the result: the American people, and those of the Western world, have sold their liberty for a “vaccine” that injures health and kills, but does not protect against Covid.

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