The Fake “Covid Pandemic” Was Orchestrated In Order to Impose Tyranny

The Fake “Covid Pandemic” Was Orchestrated In Order to Impose Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers:

The extraordinary measures we are witnessing in Austria and Europe and the news report that Australia is moving covid patients and contacts into quarantine camps comprise proof that the covid measures are unrelated to public health.

Both HCQ and Ivermectin are known Covid cures and preventatives. The evidence is overwhelming. In India’s largest province, Uttar Pradesh, with a dense population three times larger than the combined population of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, covid was contained by the use of Ivermectin.

In no country has covid vaccination had success, much less success like Ivermectin in India.

Fake “fact check” sites funded by Big Pharma have tried to bury the news of India’s success with Ivermectin by covering it up with disinformation in order to protect Big Pharma profits.

In Uttar Pradesh, Ivermectin was used as a preventative as well as a cure. A pill a week keeps the virus away. Moreover, it is thoroughly established that covid’s mortality is essentially limited to people with serious illnesses who are not treated with HCQ or Ivermectin when they catch Covid, but are left to get well on their own and when they don’t are killed in hospitals with ventilators or remdesivir, two proven highly unsuccessful “treatments.”

The Austrian lockdown makes no sense for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is that Austria’s lockdown does not apply to people who go to work. So a large percentage of Austrians will be free to move about. What is the point of allowing people to go to work but not to a restaurant? It is too silly for words and must have some other purpose.

In Law, Legislation, and Liberty, Friedrich A. Hayek wrote that emergencies are the pretexts that governments use to erode civil liberties and that the erosions remain after the emergency passes or the pretend emergency is exposed. In the past 20 years we have seen the demise of civil liberty because of the “war on terror” and now again on the basis of a faked “Covid pandemic.” President George W. Bush used 9/11, an obvious false flag attack, to set aside the Constitutional protection of habeas corpus and detain people indefinitely without presentation of evidence to a court. President Obama used the fake war on terror to execute citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. Now people are losing their jobs, businesses, and freedom based on an occasionally lethal virus, the prevention and cure of which is blocked by Big Pharma and Big Medicine’s Covid protocol.

When the Soviet Union collapsed and China abandoned communism, people expected a reign of freedom to result. Instead, the Western World has seen an assault on civil liberty that is reminiscent of life under Stalin and Mao. In America today and throughout the so-called “free West” people are punished for exercising First Amendment rights. The Constitution and human rights laws do not protect them. Journalist Julian Assange has been held in violation of Anglo-American habeas corpus for a decade, and no court has done anything about it. There are no protests from law schools, bar associations, or journalists. An obvious conclusion is that the members of institutions designed to support civil liberty no longer believe in civil liberty.

As the belief in freedom has weakened in the West, unless we join together and revive it by refusing to accept lockdowns and “vaccine” mandates, we won’t much longer be free.

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