The Covid Protocol Is a Conspiracy Against Human Health

The Covid Protocol Is a Conspiracy Against Human Health

Paul Craig Roberts

Gibraltar’s entire population is Covid vaccinated, including the Spaniards who cross the border each day to work. But everyone still has to wear a mask, and Christmas has been cancelled because Covid cases are exploding.

Obviously, the “vaccine” does not protect. So why the mandates and illegal coercion to force vaccination? IT CLEARLY MAKES NO PUBLIC HEALTH SENSE.

As I continue to point out, the unasked and unanswered question is: Are the “Covid cases” really Covid cases, or are they a combination of adverse reactions to the vaccine that cannot be admitted and illnesses brought on by the impairment of the innate immune system by the Covid “vaccine.”

A large number of distinguished scientists and medical researchers have concluded that the “vaccine” is a larger threat than Covid and that deaths and illnesses from the “vaccine” are being attributed to Covid and have urged a halt to the vaccination campaign. Yet the whore media has kept this from the public, instead hyping the “protection” from the vaccine that is disproved by the situation in every vaccinated country.

Distinguished scientists who are skeptical of the Covid protocol are accused of “spreading Covid disinformation” by two-bit punk presstitutes who know nothing whatsoever about the subject.

Meanwhile in much of Africa where people are not vaccinated, but take HCQ as a malaria preventative and Ivermectin as a river blindness preventative, there is no Covid pandemic. This information is also kept from the public by the whore media and by the official medical establishments.

What is the reason for this massive deception of the public by medical authorities and media?

Why are people being deceived and coerced into vaccination that does not protect but does cause injury and death?

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