In the Western world, journalism has been replaced by the Ministry of Propaganda

In the Western world, journalism has been replaced by the Ministry of Propaganda

Paul Craig Roberts

“If the Trump-era FBI had executed search warrants inside the newsrooms of The New York Times and NBC News, we would be demanding evidence to prove it was legally justified. Yet virtually nothing has been provided to justify the FBI’s targeting of O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas, and the little that has been disclosed by way of justifying this makes no sense.” — Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are two of the last journalists. Both are leftwing inclined, and Greenwald is a homosexual. But when it comes down to who do you believe, I believe them. They have integrity, and truth matters to them. Both have been evicted from the publications that they made famous because they told truth that hurt “advertising,” that is, public relations money for supporting an agenda. Indeed, the only reason to read the Intercept was Greenwald, and the only reason to read Rollingstone was Taibbi. Neither lies in order to advance an agenda. Both are honest journalists, a rarity today.

Greenwald has pointed out again and again that journalists are at work destroying themselves. The fools agitate for censorship which stuffs gags in their own mouths. They insist that journalists who investigate and tell the truth are not real journalists but conspiracy theorists discrediting the official narrative. As dissidents from the official narrative are pronounced not to be real journalists, they do not have First Amendment protections and can be arrested on such far-fetched charges as Julian Assange as a Russian spy and as a rapist of women who do not claim to have been raped. It is journalists themselves, presstitutes as I call therm, who have defined journalists as only those who regurgitate the official narrative in the same way as did the Soviet press under Stalin.

Everyone who reads the New York Times, Washington Post, listens to NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and the rest of the official media is engaging in self-brainwashing, self-indoctrination. They are making themselves blind, stupid, and acceptable of tyranny.

In interviews with Russian journalists, I have stated that there is no one in American print, TV, or PBS “journalism” today that, when I was a Wall Street Journal editor, we would have considered hiring. What are called journalists today are not only devoid of substance, but also of integrity. They have no respect for truth and feel no obligation to report the truth. They simply preserve their jobs by lying for the agenda, whatever it is.

Here is Greenwald to tell you about the absence of principle in what passes for journalism in the dying and corrupt Western world:

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