The Biden Regime Has a Penchant for Nazi-style Behavior

The Biden Regime Has a Penchant for Nazi-style Behavior

Paul Craig Roberts

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal Gerald Baker reported that Biden regime Attorney General Merrick Garland has a list of “society offenders.” Fuhrer Garland intimates that bad things are in store for “society offenders.”

Who are these society offenders? They are parents of school children who object to their kids being taught that they are racist because they have white skins and are responsible for bad things happening to black people. They are parents who question mask mandates for school children. They are parents who oppose vaccination as a requirement for attending school. They are police who refuse to enforce unconstitutional mandates. They are Republican state office holders who are attempting to regularize state voting laws to ensure only citizens who live in the state vote.

Mr. Baker notes that Fuhrer Garland’s list does not include the million immigrant-invaders who have illegally entered the US so far this year and who will be voting in US elections despite the fact that they have no legal right to be in the US.

Little doubt mRNA vaccine whistleblowers are on the list, along with 9/11 skeptics, and people who question the Russophobic diet fed to the American people. Indeed, the list consists of everyone who thinks for himself, exercises free speech, and questions any of the official narratives used to control the American people and keep them compliant with the establishment’s agendas.

Modern technology makes control far easier than in Stalin and Hitler’s time, and people’s dependency on the technology makes it very difficult to escape control. The nerds who got their jollies developing the digital revolution unleashed tyranny on the world.

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