America: A Dead Man Walking

America: A Dead Man Walking

Will America Exist in 10 or 20 Years? Probably Not

Paul Craig Roberts

I knew America was finished when the insouciant dumbshits let the corrupt Establishment openly and blatantly steal a presidential election and install a cipher as front man for the Establishment’s agenda.

What is the Establishment’s agenda? It is Evil incarnate.

The agenda is the rewrite of Western history as one vast crime.

The agenda is the demonization of all European and British ethnicities with white skin.

The agenda is the replacement in Western universities and school systems of pride for the great achievements of Western civilization, such as the rule of law as a shield of the people instead of a weapon in the hands of the government, civil liberty, and no crime without intent, with guilt for, and rejection of, our achievements reduced to racism, misogynism, and denial of multiple genders. Monuments to heroes are destroyed and replaced with shrines to felon drug addicts. The rewriting of history in the West by the West’s worst enemies is now being used in elementary schools to separate white children from their culture and their identity. The parents who complain are being designated “domestic terrorists” by the anti-white Democrat school boards and the Democrat anti-American Biden regime. The evidence is everywhere. See here for example:

The agenda is the overrunning of British, European, American, and Canadian white ethnicities with a policy of open borders to third world unassimilable illegal immigrant-invaders. The immigrant-invaders receive preferential treatment from the anti-white European political regime and media. The consequence is the demoralization of European ethnicities. In some European countries, for a white woman to report her rape by an immigrant-invader borders on a hate crime. The European governments are careful not to report the race of those arrested for crimes. To honestly report would be a hate crime, a sign of racism, and result in a demand for resignation if not arrest.

The agenda is the replacement of white ethnicities who are taxed too heavily to afford children with publicly-supported immigrant-invaders who have many children, and by intermarriage of races encouraged by propaganda, advertising, and entertainment. Indeed, in the US for example white men have disappeared from advertisements, and their traditional movie roles are now taken by women and blacks. A white family is seldom seen in advertisements.

The agenda is to kill and make infertile as many white people as possible with Covid mRNA “vaccines” that attack the body’s fertility organs and destroy the body’s natural immune system.

Every dumbshit who votes Democrat votes for this agenda. Americans are so utterly stupid that they vote themselves for obliteration. A people this stupid cannot be helped.

Throughout the Christian world, or perhaps more correctly, the former Christian world, no Christian churches are being built, but mosques proliferate. It is the Muslims, not the Christians or name-only Christians, who have confidence. Jean Raspail in his bestseller in 1973 explained how this works. His book is out of print, and no publishing house has the courage to publish a book that informs the people who are selected for destruction and are well on their way to Orwell’s memory hole.

Those people are white people. Their future is death and obliteration. And the dumbshits sit there, with guns in their safes, sucking their thumbs, voting for Democrats, taking the death jab, sending their kids to public schools and universities to be brainwashed against white people.

Such a people are already dead.

An overstatement? Perhaps. The Jews thought Mein Kampf was an overstatement and ignored the writing on the wall.

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