Norway Has the Opposite Covid Policy to the US, UK, and EU

Norway Has the Opposite Covid Policy to the US, UK, and EU

Paul Craig Roberts

Earlier today I reported on freedom’s departure from the Western world, but Norway has made an independent and different decision. Norway’s Prime Minister said “the time has come to return to a normal daily life.”  The Assistant Director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said, “We are now in a new phase where we must look at the coronavirus as one of several respiratory diseases with seasonal variation.”  In other words, it is just another flu. As of today September 25, Norway ends all Covid-19 restrictions.

Sweden announced that its restrictions on public venues such as restaurants, theaters, and stadiums will be removed on September 29.

What explains a Scandinavian policy so different from the US and Europe?

Norway has 67% of its population vaccinated and regards this as sufficient protection.  Why is the vaccine providing protection in Norway when it does not in the US, necessitating, according to public health authorities, booster shots?

I assume returning to “normal daily life” means Norway and Sweden are not participating in the EU digital system and are not implementing Covid passports.  Perhaps my Norwegian readers will clarify the situation for me.

Does Norway not have a breakout of variants among the vaccinated?  Is there no plan for booster shots every 6 to 8 months?  Are there no adverse reactions to the vaccine that are being labeled new Covid cases?  Are children not coming down ill in huge numbers from the Delta variant?

The situation in Norway seems vastly different from that in the rest of the Western world.

Please explain Norwegian readers. 

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