FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Covid Vaccine Is Not Justified

FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Covid Vaccine Is Not Justified

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers,

Surveys show a collapse in confidence of medical professionals in the FDA and CDC. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/08/28/believing-fdas-pfizer-approval-and-getting-vaxxed-is-stupid/ 

It is completely obvious that the two corrupt government agencies sacrificed public health to pharmaceutical profits.  The approval granted Pfizer’s “vaccine” was given far in advance of the necessary studies, and the FDA’s pronouncement that the “vaccine” is effective and safe is totally disproved by the high percentage of vaccinated people who are Covid infected and by the unprecedented number of deaths and injuries associated with the “vaccine.”

We have a situation in which facts and scientific analysis are totally ignored by the FDA and CDC. Crimes of mass murder and injury have been committed by these two agencies.  Under the rule of law, they must be held accountable.  As Germany’s leading microbiologist says, they must face a tribunal.

The Covid Vaccine Is More Risky than Playing Russian roulette

“What we are witnessing is one of the most fascinating experiments that could lead to massive autoimmune disease. When this will happen, God knows. And what this will lead to, God knows.” — Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, foremost German microbiologist 

“Gene-based vaccines are an absolute danger to mankind and their use at present violates the Nuremberg codex, such that everyone who is propagating their use should be put before a tribunal.”



Covid Is the Orchestration of Fear in order to Sell a Dangerous “Vaccine”



The Associated Press Has Joined the Ranks of Mass Murderers

“The days of corporate media being able to smear people with impunity and conservatives do nothing, those days are over. I can tell you in Florida, we’re fighting back with the truth and we are going to hold you accountable when you are peddling false partisan narratives.” — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis


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