Where Did the “Covid Pandemic” Come From and What Is Its Purpose?

Where Did the “Covid Pandemic” Come From and What Is Its Purpose?

Paul Craig Roberts

First of all, Covid is a real virus.  The evidence is strong that Covid is a product of illegal bioweapon research.  Research on making viruses more transmissible began at the University of North Carolina and was transferred to the laboratory in Wuhan, China, where it was partly funded by Dr. Fauci at N.I.H.  

The official explanation for the research is to gain knowledge in advance of such a virus in order to be able to more effectively and quickly develop a vaccine.  This explanation might or might not be true.

The Covid virus is real, but the “pandemic” was orchestrated in four ways:

The Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test was used to dramatically overstate infections. It is now a known and acknowledged fact that running the test above 35 amplification threshold cycles produces a false positive rate of infection as high as 97%.  The World Health Organization has now quietly admitted that the test should be run in the range of 25-30 cycles, and not in the range of 35-40 cycles that is the basis of the posted infection rates. https://www.globalresearch.ca/nucleic-acid-testing-technologies-use-polymerase-chain-reaction-pcr-detection-sars-cov-2/5739959  

Effective, safe, and inexpensive treatment of Covid infection by HCQ and Ivermectin were blocked by public health authorities and subservient medical associations and professionals. 

Economic incentives were created that provide financial incentives to hospitals to report non-Covid deaths as Covid deaths.  This is easy to do with the high false positive rate of the PCR test. Notice that there was no flu season this year and no reporting of any flu cases.  The reason is that flu was counted as Covid and flu deaths counted as Covid deaths.  

The presstitutes served as the propaganda ministry for the “Covid pandemic.”  The presstitutes obligingly spread disinformation and fear and censored all expert advice and opinion to the contrary.  Ignorant presstitutes branded world-renowned experts as “conspiracy theorists” for challenging the official orchestrated narrative.

What is the purpose of the orchestrated “pandemic?”

One purpose is vaccination profits for Big Pharma.

Another purpose is the control over populations and demise of civil liberty that public authorities achieved with lockdowns and mask mandates.  Public authorities are now using Covid mutations to extend and intensify these control measures.

The pointlessness and counterproductive consequences of lockdowns and masks are so apparent to many respected experts that the question has arisen whether a more evil agenda is at work. Mike Whitney reports the concerns of one of these experts, a former scientist and vice president for Pfizer.  Read “Pure, Unalloyed Evil” — https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/pure-unalloyed-evil/ .   

Those born and socialized into societies that have already transitioned into evil do not know any different.  I have been watching the growth of evil for the last 30 years.  Part of the success of evil is the discrediting of truth, a development that I have been observing and reporting on for many years.  Facts and evidence have lost influence to emotion-based agendas.  The subservience of facts to feelings permits evil to control the narrative.  

The question before us is whether Covid vaccines are part of a depopulation agenda.  This is a serious and real question.  https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/pure-unalloyed-evil/ 

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