Will Evidence Matter in Chauvin’s Trial?

Will Evidence Matter in Chauvin’s Trial?

Paul Craig Roberts

Evidence is coming out in the courtroom, although not in the US media, that Officer Chauvin’s arrest was based entirely on “camera perspective bias,” as I previously reported.   As the police videos demonstrate, Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade and not on his neck. 


 My opinion is that evidence will play no role in the trial.  If evidence mattered, Chauvin would not be on trial.  I hope I am wrong.  But if Chauvin is acquitted,  “All Hell Will Break Loose,”  and this fear will produce a guilty verdict. The utterly corrupt Minnesota Democrats will sacrifice an innocent person in order to appease the ignorant mob.  Consider, if you were a juror, would you acquit Chauvin when you know that your name will be leaked and Antifa and Black Lives Matter will burn down your home in your police-defunded city? Americans so easily scared silly by the Covid propaganda haven’t the stamina to stand up to an angry mob. 


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