Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB Oppose Election Integrity

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB Oppose Election Integrity

Paul Craig Roberts

If you are a Democrat or a woke idiot, you think that it is racism or fascism or undemocratic for election laws to require an ID to vote.  It is not racism or fascism or undemocratic to require an ID to purchase a bottle of wine or a firearm, to cash a check, or apply for a driver’s license.  But you must not try to protect election integrity. 

Democrats, US corporations, and baseball’s commissioner think that everyone should be able to vote, not just citizens, and they should be able to vote many times by voting in all the precincts, which is what is possible when no ID is required to vote.  

One can understand why this is the position of Democrats and woke idiots.  They regard white US citizens as “systemic racists” whose votes must be cancelled out.  Therefore, they support all measures that maximize the opportunity for vote fraud, as the 2020 election proves conclusively.

But why are Coca-Cola company, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball opposed to election integrity?  What has it got to do with them and shareholder interests?

The anti-white management of Coca-Cola are already in trouble with the American non-woke white population. The company has a training program for white employees.  It teaches white employees that “In the US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white.”  To overcome this feeling of superiority, white people must learn to be less white.  “To be less white is to: be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, break with apathy, break with white solidarity.” To be less defensive means to not stand up for yourself as that would be standing up for whiteness. 

Try telling blacks that they must learn to be less black, and you will learn where the arrogance really lies.  Try to tell Black Lives Matter not to stand up for blacks. The same white people who stand up for blacks are afraid to stand up for themselves.

Where is this mythical “white solidarity.”  White Democrats have declared all 90 million Trump supporters to be “domestic terrorists,”  “enemies of democracy,” “white supremacists,” “Trump deplorables.”  Some white solidarity.

How are white people socialized into a belief of superiority when they are told every day in the educational system and in racial sensitivity training in corporations and the military  that they are “systemic racists”?  Many psychologists have pointed out that white boys are being programmed by the educational system to have a negative view of themselves that is resulting in rising suicides, and the despicable lying propagandists at Coca-Cola are reinforcing the psychological damage by encouraging the psychologically beat up white Americans to be less white.

The true sign of privilege are the people who have privilege.  And these people are not white. All special privileges belong to people of color.  Count them up—university admission, hiring, and promotion privileges, freezes on hiring whites while positions are filled with people of color, speech limitations that apply to white people but not to people of color.  You can go on from there.

For what reason does Delta Airlines oppose election integrity?

Why is Major League Baseball so disturbed by a Georgia law requiring an ID to vote that it pulls the All-Star game from Atlanta? MLB commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. announded that his decision to punish Georgia is the best way to “demonstrate our values as a sport.”  How does opposing election integrity “demonstrate our values as a sport?”  Manfred thinks that restricting voting to US citizens constitutes “restrictions to the ballot box.”  Does Manfred accept any restriction on who votes?  Can the entire world vote in our elections?  Why is Putin accused of interfering in US elections when illegal aliens are permitted to vote in US elections? Why is it worse for a foreigner to interfere in our elections than to vote in our elections?  Aren’t foreigners interfering in our elections when they vote in our elections?

Democrats claim that asking black voters for photo ID is racism and have branded the Republican Georgia legislature “racist.”  So why isn’t it racism to ask white voters for photo ID?

Biden the “Unifier” thinks it is appropriate that Georgia is punished for attempting to limit voting to citizens. 

In other words, Democrats, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB want to take the vote away from citizens by permitting non-citizens to  vote.  They think that their bias against  American citizens gives them the moral highground.  

Trump has called on his supporters to boycott, Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, and Delta for their discrimination against election integrity. 

Will they?  Or will they continue to poison their bodies with Coca-Cola, fly on Delta’s semi-monopoly airline, and watch their favorite baseball team?  White Americans have no organization to protect their interest.  They are accustomed to a second class existence. They witness illegal aliens being housed in hotels at taxpayer expense while homeless American citizens sleep on the streets and under bridges.  They understand that it is “their” government’s policy to replace them with immigrants.  Just ask the large number of software engineers and IT workers who have been replaced by people from India on work visas granted by “their” representatives in Congress because “there is a shortage of Americans to do the jobs.”

White Amerians are the new serfs and they have acquiesced to their slave status. They continue to send their children to public schools paid for by themselves so their children can be indoctrinated against themselves.  They vote for Democrats who elevate the rights of “people of color” above their rights. Will insouciant Americans  continue to drink Cokes, fly Delta, and watch baseball games? 

Having won this round, the Democrats are gearing up for the next:  depriving systemic racists of the vote. It will begin in the South where, as during Reconstruction, white people will be deprived of the vote or of a party to vote for.

Southern monuments have been removed from Southern cities, Southern names have been erased from streets, schools, and military bases, and Southern literature has been banned. The South is “Gone with the Wind” as the prohibited movie proclaims.

The next step in restitution is to put the Southern vote on hold in order to rectify the sins of the past.

Don’t laught.  It is much closer than you think.

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