Global Research Comes to the Defense of Donald Trump

Global Research Comes to the Defense of Donald Trump

Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research is an internationally read website that seeks truth and, thus, permits writers to hold the United States government accountable.  The website’s assessment of President Trump has not been very accurate as Global Research tends to regard successive US presidents as tools of the military/security complex, Israel, and other powerful interest groups that punish the rest of the world for the benefit of Washington and Israel.

Nevertheless, the Democrats’ attempted frame-up of Trump on an impeachment charge for allegedly encouraging his supporters to “violently assault the US Capitol” has resulted in Trump’s defense from a website that wasn’t supportive of President Trump.

In a long article Emanuel Pastreich reviews the pros and cons of President Trump and finds that alone among recent presidents Trump made courageous attempts to represent the interests of the American people and to expose the self-serving agendas of the oligarchy that rule America.  It is for these reasons that the ruling Establishment demonized Trump and removed him by stealing his re-election.

I recommend to you Pastreich’s assessment of President Trump as it is more balanced than most.  You can find it here: 

Americans, being essentially an insouciant people due to America’s post-WW II success as the reserve currency country that dictates to the world, might not fathom what Trump’s impeachment is really about. The attack on Trump is a veiled attack on Free Speech. The Democrats intend to destroy the First Amendment to the US Constitution and the Second Amendment. This intention clearly places Democrats and the whore media in the category of “domestic enemies of the United States.”  But instead Trump is placed as the enemy. 

First of all, the “insurrection at the Capitol”  was not an insurrection. It was a pre-planned trespass by individuals unknown to Trump. The FBI warned  the Capitol police the day before Trump’s speech to his supporters that a few people were planning a disruption. The disruption took place at the Capitol while Trump was speaking at the Washington Monument. See: 

The presstitute scum, totally devoid of all integrity, that masquerades as a media in the United States, have no shame in representing lies as truth. That is their only job. For example, presstitute scum at the Lie Machine known as The Hill claim that “Republicans have seized on an argument that the Senate cannot hold a trial for a president already out of office, even as legal scholars across the political spectrum have dismissed it.”  In other words, the propaganda entity known as The Hill  falsely alleges that all authorities agree that impeachment can be used against non-public office holders.

There is no basis in fact, law, or Constitutional history for this allegation by The Hill presstitute.  It is a pure invention, but the presstitute organ states it as if it has the weight of authority behind it. People who hate Trump will do anything they can to damage him even at the expense of law and the Constitution.

Well, let’s see. “Legal scholars across the political spectrum.”  Who are these legal scholars? The Hill does not tell us.  

Does The Hill think that former US Attorney Rudy Giuliani believes the US Constitution provides for impeachment of a non-office holder?  No, of course not.  What about Harvard’s leftwing law faculty?  What does Alan Dershowitz, the most famous of Harvard’s law professors, say?

Dershowitz is unequivocal that the Constitution is crystal clear that impeachment is only for removal from office and cannot be applied retroactively to a person who is not in office as the entire purpose is to remove a person from office.

Dershowitz says that the Senate’s crystal clear responsibility is to dismiss the impeachment charge on grounds of lack of jurisdiction. 

Dershowitz goes on to point out that Trump’s impeachment trial is an attack on the First Amendment, nothing else. 

The American people, divided and disunited by the Democrats’  Identity Politics, are faced with the devastating fact that neither the Democrat majority leader in the US Senate nor the Republican minority leader in the US Senate have any regard whatsoever for the Constitution of the United States or for the unity of the country.  Both are mere servants of the ruling Establishment that is determined to make an example for all time of the fate of an American president whose First Loyalty is not to the ruling Oligarchy.

In the ashes of the US Constitution a totalitarian entity is rising.

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