Paul Craig Roberts Responds to Questions from Readers

Response to some questions from readers:

“Eradicating Whiteness” — Why isn’t Ignatiev guilty of hate speech and advocating a hate crime?  He would be if he were a white gentile speaking about black people.  

Noel Saul Ignatiev wrote in Harvard Magazine, Sept-October 2002:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed.” 

These are inflammatory words, but Ignatiev claimed he did not mean by them the extermination or genocide of white people physically, only mentally.  He wants to get rid of white people, not by killing them all, but by destroying their confidence in themselves and in the accomplishments of their culture, and replacing their “white privilege” with subservience to the ideology that all white accomplishments stem from privileges attributed to a white skin that results in oppression of people of color.  In other words, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, Shakespeare, Beethoven, medicine, engineering and all else are due to “white privilege.”  It is not a very strong case.

The problem for Ignatiev is that his followers, or some of them, don’t come up to his level of abstract thinking and take his words literally.  Perhaps he could talk to his Harvard colleagues this way, but not to the masses.

Possibly what ideological Democrats and black extremists, or most of them, mean by “erasing whiteness” is, in the name of equality, to offset the higher average intelligence of white people by making them into second class citizens, restrained by quotas, etc., as Jews were in Nazi Germany. In other words, white people are to be turned into “untermensch.”

Ignatiev’s comments have gained credibility and have spread.  Today two decades later it is the political director of ABC News who speaks of “cleansing” America of Trump supporters. 


“Trump’s Insurrection and Betrayal of Supporters”

The question of the hour is: Why did Trump call for a rally of support, and when it materialized disassociate from it and tell his supporters to go home.   Some disappointed supporters have turned on him.

I believe the explanation is what I wrote in my column, America’s Color Revolution– Trump did not realize how damagingly the event could be turned against him by infiltrating it and portraying it as an insurrection. When he saw that, he either had to play the insurrectionist role or step away.  As there was no capability of seizing power, he had to step away.

Stephen Lendman, a real leftist from the old school, understands that the “invasion” of the Capitol was an orchestration to hasten Trump’s departure and blacken his name.  The Establishment intends no more challenges to its control.


Covid–Why Do All Governments Share the Same Erroneous Responses to Covid?

Yes, it does look like a worldwide orchestration.

I can see how Bill Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma and the presstitutes could orchestrate belief in a dangerous pandemic in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, but I don’t know how they could manage this in Russia, China, Africa, and South America.  A person would think that one government somewhere would realize that the reported high infection rate comes from the faulty PCR (no relation) test that produces a high rate of false positives. You would think that one government would comprehend that the death rate is low and limited to people with life-threatening health conditions and impaired immune systems. You would think that one government somewhere would use the HCQ-zinc treatment or the Ivermectin-zinc treatment, both of which are safe and highly effective cures instead of being hellbent on vaccinating their populations with untested vaccines of unknown consequences.  You would think that governments would realize that lockdowns impoverish people, destroy businesses, result in defaults on debts and contracts, and disrupt food production and supply chains, thus resulting in a far greater threat to people than Covid. A person would think that there would be enormous public discussion of alternative approaches in the media.  Instead, there is censorship of all alternative views and explanations and a  uniform official explanation is imposed.

Such an enforced and uniform response to Covid does suggest orchestration. How the entire world can be roped in I cannot explain.  Perhaps the world is accustomed to looking to the US for leadership, and the rising powers of Russia and China haven’t gained sufficient confidence in themselves to act independently of what America thinks is best. If this is the case, then controlling the explanation in America controls the explanation for the world.

Clearly, the consequence of Covid is more arbitrary control over people. That, and not public health, is what the imposed Covid measures are serving.


Why Is There No Comment Section On My Website?

My readers are self-selected thoughtful people.  They are not narcissists who delight in hiding behind fake names and showing off their ignorance and rudeness in comment sections.  Anyone who ever peruses comment sections finds that almost always the comments degenerate into commentators insulting one another.  Another feature of comment sections is that trolls use them to demean authors who they are paid to target and discredit.  A disparaging comment on a website is then introduced into social media to scare potential readers from the website.  Trolls via voice magnification can create a fake news version of an author, and it can become his Wikipedia false news biography.  I don’t see the point of helping these dishonest and corrupt people do their job.

When this website was first set up, there was a comment section.  What happened was anti-semitic comments unrelated to the articles posted began flooding the comment section. We suspected it was a tactic being used by those insistent on controlling explanations to paint the website in anti-semitic colors as a way of limiting its influence.  Readers advised me to close the comment section.

I provide the website with an email address for those readers who wish to correct me on some matter or encourage me to take up a topic they believe to be ignored.  As an email is not an opportunity for a narcissistic display before an audience, a real purpose is served.  

As readers of my website—6,100,000 from 109 countries in 2020 on this website alone not counting repostings on other websites both at home and abroad in translation—are intelligent people, I see in their emails a reaffirmation that my readers are worth my efforts.  Here, for example, is one response to America’s Color Revolution:

“Your article hits so many nails on the head. Four years ago they referred to Trump as a blunt instrument. It was all planned to demonize the deplorables, and Trump unwittingly did them in, clueless as he is about real power. At the same time, to me at least, the rot started decades ago. If they could murder JFK in broad daylight in a hail of gunfire and get away with it, and if they could do the OKC bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc., and of course 9-11, they can do anything. They have controlled the media forever and now they have finally abandoned any pretense to fairness and objectivity. We have been f*cked for a long long time. Today it became impossible not to see it.”

As long as I am permitted, and as long as readers support this website, I will use my unique education and experience together with the wisdom that comes with age to provide you with alternative explanations based on factual analysis. I have no woke emotions. My commitment is to objective truth and the US Constitution. As I told the Press Club of Mexico in 2015 when I received the International Journalism Award, “truth is my country.” This website is not financed by any interest group or political party.  It receives individual donations.  No foundation or interest groups donate to this website. Why would they? Foundations are part of the Establishment.


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