Trump vs. The Establishment

Trump vs. The Establishment

Paul Craig Roberts

The Biden Election Thief is not yet inaugurated, but the Democrat and Republican establishment has already closed ranks against President Trump and the American people.  

The House and Senate, backed up by neoliberal Junk Economists Larry Summers and Paul Krugman and billionaire owned presstitute media, blocked President Trump’s effort to boost  the Covid relief package from $600 per American to $2,000.  The Democrat/Republican Establishment wanted the money for defense contractors instead.  

The Lie Factory, a.k.a. New York Times, pretended that the issue was the popularity of giving a 3% pay hike to soldiers instead, but the real issue was about reestablishing the US budget as a piggy bank for the rich.

$2,000 would have kept Americans, left without income from the Democrats’ lockdowns, in their homes for another month by paying the mortgage or the rent.  $600 might pay down their credit card debt enough to be able to use their cards one more time.  As America’s leading economist, and some would say only economist, Michael Hudson, has emphasized, the only way the American economy can be put back on its feet is through debt forgiveness. This is too radical of an idea for a country in which all explanations are controlled in order to serve the Establishment.

I have said from the beginning that Trump stood for the people against the Establishment, and that every dumbshit complaining about Trump was strengthening the Establishment’s hold on the American people.  

Success in the House and Senate comes from serving powerful interest groups, not from serving the people. This is why most Republicans in Congress are content for the election to be stolen. It gets Trump out of the way of the Establishment’s agenda.

The Establishment uses its presstitutes to keep the public brainwashed and befuddled.  But such an obvious and blatant theft of a pressidential election as we have witnessed might have awoken the insouciant American public.  If not, perhaps Nancy Pelosi’s pandering to a handful of woke idiots and “transgendered” freaks will.

House Democrats are leading the charge to take our language away from us. We are not to be permitted to use traditional gender words.  Instead we have to pretend that there are many genders and so many of these many genders that males and females must no longer be allowed to suppress and offend by the use of gender male/female words. 

The Democrats in the US House of Representatives are leading the way by establishing a “gender neutral” “rules package.”  “Gender neutral,” of course, isn’t neutral. It discriminates against the traditional use of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, daughters, and prevents us from knowing or identifying the gender of those of whom we speak.  The Democrats’ new terms are: “parent, child, sibling, parent’s sibling, sibling’s child, spouse, parent-in-law, child-in-law, sibling-in-law, stepsibling, half-sibling.” So, are you speaking of brother or sister, mom or dad, grandpa or grandma?  The new Democrat language doesn’t let you know.  The dumbshit Democrats think that putting us in the dark makes us more inclusive. 

Did you know that there are binary and nonbinary people?  Do you know what these people are?  Why is Pelosi restructuring the English language in the interest of people we have never even heard of, much less experienced?  Who does Pelosi represent?  Why does she not represent us? America has a Speaker of the House who represents who? Nonbinary people. What has that got to do with us?

A seaman becomes a non-word.  A chairman becomes an inantimate object, “chair.”

Not knowing who is who or whether we are addressing a person or an inantimate object, say the Democrats, makes us more inclusive.  If Republicans vote for this, we have more than one political party that needs extermination.

We can joke about having to introduce one’s danghter-in-law as one’s sibling-in-law, and a son or daughter as a “sibling,” and one’s half brother as a half sibling.  But this destruction of language and meaning is being done in the name of a tiny minority who assert that being a minority gives them rights over the majority.  Somehow it is the imposed on majority who are oppressive, not the tiny minority of freaks that are oppressing the majority by taking away their language.  In a democratic society, why are Democrats representing a tiny minority against the majority? 

Congress’ answer is: “That’s what we do.” Congress represents the military/security complex, pharmaceuticals, agri-business, Wall Street and the Big Banks, “preferred minorities,” the Israel Lobby, digital communication monopolies, and other interest groups rather than the interest of the American people in whose name Congress speaks. It is difficult to get any moral standing out of representing these money-grubbing interest groups, so Congress gains moral authority by representing nonbinary people and shemales. Why does representing sexual freaks convey moral authority?

So.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat House tells us that the House represents nonbinary people—people who are neither male nor female.  Who then represents the vast majority who are male and female?

Why do dumbshit Americans vote for Democrats and Republicans who do not represent them?

Do these dumbshit Americans expect to survive?

Where are the leaders for these dumbshit Americans? They are going to have to fight for their lives.  How are they going to do that without leaders?

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