The Estalishment Relies on its Lies Being More Convincing Than the Truth

The Estalishment Relies on its Lies Being More Convincing Than the Truth

Barr, Durham and the rest of the Republican Establishment have sacrificed President Trump and American Democracy in order to preserve the Establishment’s reputation

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers:  This website is one of the few places on Earth where truth exists.  If you do not support truth, you will be locked in The Matrix and there will be no one to get you out.  If you are aware, you  realize that truth on earth is disappearing faster than the environment and threatened species. The survival of truth depends on your support of those who are committed to truth.

As I predicted in 2016, Trump had no understanding of Washington and no idea of who to appoint. 

As I also predicted, Trump was staffed by the Establishment with an Establishment government. Trump thought, based on his experience as boss, that the boss was the boss, but as I learned from my quarter century in  Washington  that is not the way Washington works. 

Trump’s Establishment government has destroyed Trump, first by permitting the Russiagate hoax and refusing to hold the perpetuators—who clearly committed federal felonies— accountable.  No indictments for the obvious  felony of misleading the FISA Court, for example, have been forthcoming from the DOJ Establishment figures of Barr and Durham. 

Second, the Trump “Justice” Department permitted the hoax that Trump did what Biden clearly did—bribe the president of Ukraine with US foreign aid. Trump, who made no such bride, was investigated and impeached in the Democrat House for something it was clear he did not do.  In contrast, Vice President Biden, who boasted (you can watch it on video) to the Council on Foreign Relations that he threatened the president of Ukraine with the withholding of billions of US dollars unless he fired the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt company that was paying Biden’s son a fortune for Biden’s protection, has not been investigated by the DOJ or FBI.

Neither has Biden been investigated for the incriminating information on the laptop of his son’s computer that is in the hands of the DOJ and FBI.  The FBI will cover this up just as the FBI covered up the Hillary servers and the murder of Seth Rich who leaked the information that was blamed on Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Biden will not be investigated — unless Biden’s ill-chosen vice president demands it as “a person of color” in order to displace Biden in order to complete the American color revolution that took place on November 3 and 4, 2020. Those were the days that American democracy was officially murdered by the Democrat party’s carefully organized electoral fraud, about which not a peep from the presstitutes.  

The United States cannot be restored via the ballot box. Only a revolution can restore American democracy.  Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, a hated person by the woke liberal/left, himself said that elites have to be periodically  replaced  by revolution if freedom is to be preserved. Otherwise, the people become slaves of the Elite’s agendas. 

The Democrats’ theft of the presidency has split the country and has made such a revolution possible.  Lt. General Flynn, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is a military leader who was indicted not for any infractions but  because he was a non-establishment appointee as National Security Advisor who would not follow the Establishment’s agenda. He realizes that the theft of a presidential election is so serious a threat to the United States that Trump should impose martial law and have the US military hold a new election. 

With all we definitely now know about how the presidential election was stolen, it would be possible to hold an election with paper ballots only cast in person by certified registered voters and by certified absentee voters.  From what I have concluded from my examination of the election fraud, Trump would win not only the electoral college vote but the popular vote by 20 million votes or more.

When you see, as is clearly evident, the total disinterest not only of the American presstitutes but also the presstitutes of the entire Western World in an obviously stolen presidential election, you see the death of Western civilization.  The Western media have made it clear that democracy is no longer of any importance to the “watchdogs of government.”  Agendas unacceptable to the people are what rule the Western World.

Washington, Britain, and the EU, full of aggressive talk of liberating the rest of the world with sanctions, bombings and military invasions, themselves need liberating.  Who is to do it?

Can it be done by a population indoctrinated for many decades and convinced that they are racists, imperialists and unworthy of self-rule?

Or are such  people made helpless by their indoctrination ?


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