I Told You This Would Happen:  White Americans Are On The Road To Dispossession

I Told You This Would Happen:  White Americans Are On The Road To Dispossession

Paul Craig Roberts

Biden has appointed a radical slavery reparations advocate to his Treasury Department transition team.  Mehrsa Baradaran, a UCLA professor, advocates reparations as the way to correct “white supremacy.”  As I have reported, scholars have concluded that there are probably as many and perhaps more white descendants of slaves in the US than black descendants.  

Baradaran misuses the word, “reparations.”  Reparations are what a harmed person is paid by the person that harmed them. No living white person has ever owned a slave, and no living black American has ever been a slave.  So what Baradaran is advocating is that white Americans be dispossessed so that black Americans can take their assets.  In other words, she is advocating a racist act of theft.  Her racism against white Americans has not kept her off of Biden’s Treasury transition team or from being a UCLA professor who brainwashes students. As the Democrats intend to open the floodgates of nonwhite immigration, every person of color who enters the US will benefit from the dispossession of white Americans.

But as I also have told you.  Facts no longer matter in America.  They do not matter in the universities and educational system any more than they do in the media and politics.  We live in a world spun out of lies concocted to demonize white people.  The punishment for telling the truth is to be cancelled, which is what has happened to the few honest journalists and professors and is what is happening right now to President Trump.  White Americans are so brainwashed that they sit there sucking their thumbs while a coup unfolds before their eyes.

Democrats are dumping huge amounts of money into the runoffs for the US Senate in Georgia.  Having stolen the presidential election, if the Democrats take these seats, the Democrats will have the entire government, and what is left of the US will be dismantled.


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