A Stolen Election?

A Stolen Election?

Paul Craig Roberts

When I turned in last night, President Trump had comfortable leads, considering the amount of votes counted, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennslyvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  I had noticed and was puzzled by the halt to reporting of voting in these states.  It did not seem to me, based on previous elections, that Trump’s margins could be overcome by the few votes remaining to be counted.  I assumed Trump had won.

This morning when I checked I saw that Trump’s lead in Wisconsin had been replaced by Biden’s lead by a fraction of a percentage point, and that Trump’s lead in Michigan had been reduced to a fraction of a percentage point, since lost.  I also noticed that neither Pennsylvania, North Carolina nor Georgia had managed to count any more votes with most votes counted and Trump in the lead.  The halt of vote counting  is puzzling. It suggests that authorities were waiting to see how the vote went.

It really makes no sense for people in Michigan, who have severely suffered from the American Establishment’s offshoring of their manufacturing jobs to Asia, thereby destroying the economic wellbeing of people in Michigan, to prefer Biden, the Establishment’s candidate over Trump, their champion. I wondered if this was yet another example of dumbshit insouciant Americans being unable to act in their own interest.  But I dismissed this thought and looked for other explanations.

What I found was astonishing.  During the early hours of November 4 in both Wisconsin and Michigan there was a sudden vertical upward adjustment to Democrat votes, and every one of the approximately 150,000 newly found votes was for Biden.  This sudden ballot dump accounts for the lost of Trump’s lead in Michigan and Wisconsin:  http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61890 

It is possible that shifts of vote counters in the two states finished their shifts and went home, and that when the new shifts arrived they found that Biden had jumped even or ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin.  This would be plausible except that all the vertical shift in votes were for Biden.  Not a single vote in the suddenly changed situation was for Trump.  How likely is this?

For someone like me who, with Dave Kranzler, has watched the manipulation of the gold futures market when a sudden drop of naked shorts into the futures market drives down the gold price in order to protect the US dollar, the sudden shift of Wisconsin and Michigan into the Blue state count from a sudden ballot drop stinks.  Any move straight up or down smells to high heaven.

Why would a sudden delivery of mail-in or absentee votes only contain votes for Biden?

The presstitutes will not investigate this question.  Instead, Trump, who will raise it, will be denounced as a fascist who refuses to abide by the will of the people.

Democracy cannot work without a free press, and a free press is what the United States most  certainly does not have.


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