In This Election The Establishment Is Playing for Keeps


In This Election The Establishment Is Playing for Keeps

Chaos and an Irredeemably Torn American Political Fabric Will Be the Consequences

Paul Craig Roberts

The widespread use of mail-in voting in this presidential election makes it unlikely that a winner will be declared on election night unless it is Biden.  The reason is that polls indicate that a majority of Democrat voters intend to vote by mail.  As long as the ballots are postmarked by November 3 (election day), they are considered valid.  As mail-in votes will be delivered after November 3, unless one candidate wins the in-person vote by a landslide, the outcome will not be known until days later.

If the outcome seems favorable to Trump, this gives Democrats and the media, which is uniformly against Trump, days to make propaganda that Trump is stealing the election (with Putin’s help).  Rioting and looting will be encouraged in cities under Democrat control in order to create more chaos and charges against Trump.  If enough confusion can be sown, an “investigation” can be demanded and/or Democrats can demand the outcome be put in the hands of the House of Representatives where the Democrats have a majority.  It is entirely possible that Trump can win and be denied inauguration.

This, of course, would be more than an attack on Trump.  It would be an attack on the Constitution. 

There is circumstantial evidence that more than opportunism is involved and that this scenario is an orchestrated plot to prevent a second Trump term.

It is highly unusual for an anti-establishment candidate to be elected president.  Such people are carefully kept out of the ranks of presidential candidates.  Even slightly anti-establishment presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan are unwelcome in Washington.  If you have forgotten Trump’s inaugural address, listen to it.  Such a challenge to the Establishment is unprecedented in its boldness and recklessness. 

Who could be behind such a plot to interfere so blatently in the presidential election?  The global elite for one and the Deep State for another.  The global elite want an end to national sovereignty and governments accountable to the people and is opposed to national states being made great again.

The Deep State doesn’t want any risk of being made accountable or having its budget and power impaired by a president who wants to normalize relations with Russia, a necessary enemy.  The global elite and Deep State are powerful and largely invisible forces with which Trump must contend.  

Trump has his deplorables, but they are largely people who have been dispossessed by global capitalism and the Deep State. Trump’s allies do not control the public forums.  Biden’s do.  Therefore, facts can be ignored and “truth” can be established by repetition—as we have seen on numerous occasions.

The audacity is unprecedented with which Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime Department of Justice, FBI, and CIA moved against President Trump, first attempting to frame him with their concocted “Russiagate” plot and then with false charges that he attempted to bribe the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden & Son.  It could be done because the US media has been captured by the CIA and the Democrat Party and serves them as a Ministry of Propaganda.  The exclusiveness of One Voice now extends to social media where Twitter and Facebook ban alternative views to the official ones.  Internet search engines, such as Google, make dissenting views difficult to find, a practice that has spread to Amazon’s book monopoly that refuses to make available challenges to the controlled explanations that serve the agendas of the global elite and Deep State.

The definite proof that the “Covid pandemic,” for example, is serving an agenda is the banning of alternative explanations on social media as well as print and TV media.  We are very close to Big Brother’s world of totally controlled information.

So how do Trump and the “Trump Deplorables” protest if the election is stolen from them?  They are not organized for violence, and they are demonized as racists and misogynists.  This is not a strong position.  

If Trump loses or the election is stolen from him, it is likely that he will be indicted on false charges in order to complete the lesson for all future American political candidates that representing the people instead of the Establishment is not tolerated. Washington is long experienced in teaching foreign governments this lesson—Hondurus, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia—and is bringing the lesson home to America. 

As for the Red States, they will be cut out of the federal budget, and the remaining jobs will be moved out of those areas.  

In this election, the Establishment is playing for keeps.  If the Establishment wins, Americans lose.

NOTE:  Trump’s campaign events are heavily attended.  Biden’s events are sparsely attended.  Yet polls show Biden with a 7% lead.  Clearly, campaign event attendance and the polls do not correspond.  This raises a question:  Are the polls faked in order to support the case that a Trump win is the result of fraud?  The question will be: “how can Trump have won when he was 7 points behind in the race?”

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