We Are Being Brainwashed Into Another Lockown

We Are Being Brainwashed Into Another Lockown

Paul Craig Roberts

On NPR yesterday afternoon (Oct. 2) a former Obama regime official argued for a 90% lockdown of the economy for 6 weeks and mandatory masks.  He said this was the only way we can save ourselves from mass deaths that will wreck the economy worse than the 90% lockdown would.

Keep in mind that the masks people are wearing are not N95 masks and do not prevent inhalation and exhalation of the virus.  

Keep in mind that the rise in cases is the result of more testing with a test that produces false positives.  

Authorities know both of these facts.

The question is:  Why are authorities and presstitutes spreading this bogus information?  Why do they want to close down the economy?  Why do they want to force people to wear masks that do not protect?

Are the answers that they want to defeat Trump by crashing the economy, want to make us more fearful so that we accept a vaccine, and want to train the public to follow orders?

Why is the public so uninformed that they are so easily subject to manipulation?

Sometimes humor is the best defense:  https://consentfactory.org/2020/03/18/covid-19-global-lockdown/ 

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