The West Is a Portrait of Degeneracy

The West Is a Portrait of Degeneracy

Paul Craig Roberts

Everywhere we look we see the Western World falling apart as the most ridiculous elements in it dictate the use of language and the names of sports teams.  The Berlin International Film Festival is the latest to submit to the ridiculous.

In order to show “gender-sensitivity,” the film festival is abandoning the use of “gender words” such as actor and actress.

Note that the meaning of gender-sensitivity is the denial of gender.  The woke idiots do not explain how denying the existence of gender is being sensitive to gender.  One would think that being sensitive to gender would require the recognition of gender. Would you think I was being sensitive to you if I denied your existence?

How does such idiotic foolishness subvert a film festival? It happens because there is no intelligence, character, or content in the people themselves.  

When the rest of the world observes the West, degeneracy is the perception. 

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