Trump Pro and Con

Trump Pro and Con

Paul Craig Roberts

Trump is a mixed bag. Unlike the Democrats, Trump is for the working class. Unlike Kamala, he is not anti-white. Unlike Democrats, Trump supports law and order. 

But he is opposed to independent governments in Latin America such as Venezuela. Trump should leave Venezuela alone. How can anyone believe he is going to stop Washington and Israel’s wars in the Middle East when he is trying to start a war with Venezuela?

Trump should  stop causing trouble with China.  It was America’s own greedy and short-sighted corporations, such as Apple, Nike, and Levi, that gave China the economic advantage over the US by relocating their production in China.  Was China supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth?  It is the American global corporations that are at fault, not China.

Trump should give up on trying to have UN sanctions reimposed on Iran.  The Security Council rejects them.  Trump should cease being Israel’s agent against Iran, and he should stop enabling Israel’s theft of Palestine.  By his support for Israel’s misdeeds, he associates himself with evil.

Trump should cease permitting the polluting industries’ assault on the environment and preserved lands.  This is a gratuitous provocation that mobilizes liberal elites to do him in. But with the tech industry and military/security complex on the Democrats’ side, Trump has to have some corporate support. The corporations that support Trump are the ones liberals don’t control.

Trump could actually sweep the election if he would use common sense.

Despite his shortcomings, he is our only choice. Gaga Biden is merely a stalking horse for Kamala Harris. The election is a choice between Trump and Harris, and Harris is as anti-white as they come.  White Americans who vote for Harris are clearly self-hating whites willing to pay restitution in the form of second class status for white people.

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